Saturday, March 23, 2024

What Chapter is One Piece anime on?

The latest episode of the anime, 1112, adapts chapter 1079 from pages 2 to 15. Therefore, to continue the story of the anime, we start reading from page 2 of chapter 1080 of the manga. This corresponds to Volume 107, which compiles chapters 1077 to 1088.

what manga chapter is one piece anime on

The gap between the One Piece manga and anime storylines is not very far. Practically speaking, if we start reading the manga after watching the anime, we would only need to read 42 chapters to catch up with the series.

Due to this closeness, new episodes include original scenes to extend the story and thus be able to adapt a single chapter of the manga.

What Chapter is One Piece manga at right now?

The latest published chapter of the manga is chapter 1121, which has not yet been compiled into any volume. New chapters are released every Thursday, and you can access them for free on Sundays via Manga Plus.

Lastly, Volume 109 was the most recent to be released to the public on July 4, 2024, compiling chapters 1101 to 1110.

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