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What manga chapter is the One Piece anime on?: Conversion

The last episode of the anime, 1095, adapts chapter 1065 from page 8 to 19. Then the story would continue on page 2 of chapter 1066, which is the manga where you have to start reading after the anime, it corresponds to Volume 106 that collects the chapters 1066 to 1075.

The comparison between the chapters and episodes of One Piece is unusual, since each episode adapts a single chapter of the manga, with very little distance in the story. Practically if we start reading the manga where the anime ends, we would only read 42 chapters.

What chapter of the manga is One Piece anime on

The last chapter of the manga is 1108, these are published every Thursday of each week, but you have it available for free every Sunday on Manga Plus. And new episodes of the anime premiere every Saturday night of each week.

One Piece Episode to Chapter Conversion

If you want to know which chapter of the manga is equivalent to the latest episodes of One Piece, I will tell you in the following conversion table:

1086A New Emperor! Buggy the Star Clown!1058 (p. 2-15)
1087War on the Island of Women! The Case of Koby the Hero1059 (p. 2-13)
1088Luffy's Dream1058 (p. 16-17), 1059 (p. 14-17), 1060 (p. 3-9)
1089Entering a New Chapter! Luffy and Sabo's Paths!1060 (p. 10-17), 1061 (p. 2-3)
1090A New Island! Future Island Egghead1061 (p. 4-15)
1091Brimming with the Future! An Adventure on the Island of Science!1062 (p. 2-15)
1092A Project to Fully Enjoy! 'Surgeon of Death' Trafalgar Law1062 (p. 16-17) and 1063 (p. 2-9)
1093The Winner Takes All! Law vs. Blackbeard!1046 (p. 1), (p. 1), 1063 (p. 10-15) and 1064 (p. 1-9)
1094The Mystery Deepens! Egghead Labophase1064 (p. 10-17) and 1065 (p. 3-7)
1095The Brain of a Genius - Six Vegapunks!1065 (p. 8-19)

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What chapter is the anime One Piece caught up to?

The manga is in chapter 1108, the last episode of the anime adapted until chapter 1065, so it is 42 chapters late. Wano's pacing is around 0.9-1.0 chapters per episode, so those 43 chapters are equivalent to 39-43 anime episodes. In terms of time, that's like 10 months and 3 weeks away.

What chapter did Wano end?

The Wano Arc is made up of 149 chapters in the manga, starting in chapter 909 and ending in chapter 1057 of the manga. In the anime it begins in episode 890 and until now the final chapters are being adapted.