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Dragon Ball Super Filler List and Chronological Order

Dragon Ball Super  is an anime produced and directed by Akira Toriyama  (creator of the original Dragon Ball manga) and Toei Animation (animation studio), which began airing from July 5, 2015 and culminated on March 25, 2018 . It is an alternative story of the Dragon Ball manga and the first anime, which offers a new sequel to the series. The anime begins eight months after the defeat of Majin Boo, when he raises land has become a place where peace abounds.

Eighteen years after the end of Dragon Ball GT, this series was put into production phase, due to fan nonconformity and also the creator was not satisfied with Dragon Ball GT as they shortened the original story too much due to low audience points. On July 5, 2015, the anime began to air on Fuji TV . Akira Toriyama, creator of the original manga-based series, is involved in the script and design of the episodes. But as it is a different final than GT, it also has filling episodes to lengthen the series and be able to get the most benefit from the producer. These Dragon Ball Super fillings are not many, but if they influence the quality of the series, which often makes you want to not continue watching the series.

Dragon Ball Super Filler List

Filler episodes to skip in Dragon Ball Super

For this reason the following dragon ball super filler list will show you which episodes or chapters are filler in the dragon ball super series, this means episodes that are exclusively from the anime and were not adapted based on the manga. With this ultimate guide you can skip or watch the dragon ball super filler and thus skip the episodes that are filler or that you think you do not want to see. It should be noted that each episode if it contains any part of the original story of the manga will be detailed minutes to skip or view it, whether you see it by Netflix, Hulu, Funimation or Crunchyroll .


The opening it covers is  Chozetsu Dynamic! (1-14)  and the endings are  Hello Hello Hello (1-12) and Starring Star (13-14) .

  • 001. "The World Peace Prize: Who will receive 100 million Zeni?" * Avoid the minutes: from 07:31 to 18:06 it is filled.
  • 002. "To the Promised Holiday Day! Does Vegeta go on a family outing !?" * Avoid the minutes: from 05:18 to 12:42 it is filled.
  • 003. "And the continuation of the dream? The Search for the Super Saiyan God!"
  • 004. "Let's go for the Dragon Balls! The great strategy of the Pilaf band!" * Avoid the minutes: from 04:40 to 17:29 it is filled.
  • 005. "Decisive battle on the planet Kaio! Goku vs. Bills, the God of Destruction!"
  • 006. "Don't make the God of destruction angry! The exciting birthday party."
  • 007. "No one touches my Bulma! Vegeta's anger explodes!"
  • 008. "Goku appears! The last chance Bills will give?"
  • 009. "I finally arrived, Bills! Finally the Super Saiyan God is born!"
  • 010. "Show it, Goku! The power of the Super Saiyan God phase!" * Goku vs. Bills
  • 011. "Continue Lord Bills! The Battle of the Gods"  * Goku vs. Bills
  • 012. "The World will be destroyed !? The Clash between the God of Destruction against the Super Saiyan God!" * Goku vs. Bills
  • 013. "Goku, surpass the Super Saiyan God!" * Goku vs. Bills
  • 014. "This is our strength! The end of the battle of the gods!" * Goku vs. Bills


The opening it covers is  Chozetsu Dynamic! (15-27)  and the endings are  Starring Star (15-25) and Light Pink (26-27) .

  • 015. "Hero Satan! Do the miracle! A challenge from outer space!"  *Filling
  • 016. "Does Vegeta become a disciple !? Conquer Wiss"  * Stuffed
  • 017. "The birth of Pan! And the training trip of Goku !?"  *Filling
  • 018. "I also arrived! Training begins on the planet of Beerus"  * Fill
  • 019. "Repeat despair! The resurrection of the Emperor of Evil, Frieza!" * DBZ: FnF - Special One Shot
  • 020. "Jaco's warning! Frieza and his army of a thousand men approach"  * DBZ: FnF - Special One Shot
  • 021. "The beginning of revenge! The evil of Frieza's army comes to Gohan"  * DBZ: FnF - Special One Shot
  • 022. "Change! The unexpected resurrection! His name is Ginyu!" * DBZ: FnF - Special One Shot
  • 023. "The Earth! And Gohan! In a desperate situation. Come back soon Son Goku!" * DBZ: FnF - Special One Shot
  • 024. "Collision! Freezer vs Son Goku! This is the result of my training!" * DBZ: FnF - Special One Shot
  • 025. "The ultimate battle! Revenge of Golden Frieza"  * DBZ: FnF - (The Movie).
  • 026. "The hope of victory! Goku's counterattack begins!" * DBZ: FnF - (The Movie).
  • 027. "The Earth explodes !? The decisive Kame Hame Ha"  * DBZ: FnF - (The Movie).


The opening it covers is  Chozetsu Dynamic! (28-46)  and the endings are  Light Pink (28-36) and Forever Dreaming (37-46) .

  • 028. "The God of the destruction of the sixth universe, his name is Champa"
  • 029. "Martial arts competition is established! The leader is stronger than Goku"
  • 030. "Collecting for fights! Who will be the last two members !?"
  • 031. "Where is Zuno! Let me tell you where the dragon balls are!"
  • 032. "The battle begins! Let's all go together to the nameless star!"
  • 033. "Surprise yourself sixth universe! This is the Super Saiyan Goku!" * Goku vs. Botamo, Goku vs. Frost
  • 034. "Pícoro against Frost! The maximum power of the Makankosappo!" * Frost vs Piccolo
  • 035. "Turn your anger into strength! Vegeta's full-fledged battle!" * Vegeta vs. Frost, Vegeta vs. Magetta
  • 036. "An unexpectedly tough opponent! Vegeta explodes with anger!" * Vegeta vs. Magetta
  • 037. "Don't forget the honor of the Saiyans! Vegeta against the Saiyan of the sixth universe!" * Vegeta vs. Cabba
  • 038. "The strongest warrior in the sixth universe! The murderer Hit, appears!" * Vegeta vs. Hit, Goku vs. Hit
  • 039. "The counter-attack of the time jump? Will Goku make his new technique?" * Goku vs. Hit
  • 040. "Finish Finally! Win Bills or Champa?" * Goku vs. Hit, Monaka vs. Hit
  • 041. "Come out God of the dragons, and make our wishes come true!"
  • 042. "The problematic celebration for victory! Monaka against Goku!"  *Filling
  • 043. "Can  Goki's Ki not be controlled? Problems caring for Pan!" *Filling
  • 044. "The seal of the planet Potof! The secret of the aquatic Superpersons uncovered!"  *Filling
  • 045. "Vegeta disappears !? The force of Vegeta's replica!"  *Filling
  • 046. "Goku vs. Vegeta's copy! Who will win !?"  *Filling.


The opening it covers is  Chozetsu Dynamic! (47-76)  and the endings are  Forever Dreaming (47-49), Yoka Yoka Dance! (50-59), Chaohan Music (60-72) and Aku no Tenshi to Seigi no Akuma (73-76) .

  • 047. "An SOS from the future! A dark new enemy appears!"
  • 048. "Renew your hopes! Wake up Trunks now!"
  • 049. "A message from the future, Goku Black invades!"
  • 050. "Goku vs Black! The road that will lead us to the future."
  • 051. "Feelings beyond time, Trunks and Mai."
  • 052. "The reunion! Gohan and Trunks of the future!"  *Filling
  • 053. "Discovering Black's identity! Let's go to the Kaioshin world of Universe 10!"
  • 054. "The one who possesses the Saiyan blood, the decision of Trunks."
  • 055. "I want to see Goku, Zeno's call!"
  • 056. "Another battle with Goku Black, The Super Saiyan Rose appears!"
  • 057. "The god who possesses an immortal body, the arrival of Zamasu."
  • 058. "Zamasu and Black! The mystery of both deepens even more!"
  • 059. "Protect the Kaioshin Gowasu! Zamasu will destroy it!"
  • 060. "We Return to the Future Black's identity is revealed!"
  • 061. "Zamasu's ambition, presenting the fearsome" Zero Human Plan ""
  • 062. "I will protect the world! Trunks' explosion of anger begins!"
  • 063. "Do not stain the cells of the Saiyans! Raise the curtain of Vegeta's hard battle!"
  • 064. "Reverend it! Praise it! The Fusion of Zamasu is born!"
  • 065. "This is the Last Judgment !? The Ultimate Power of the Absolute God"
  • 066. "The Culminating Battle! The Miraculous Power of a relentless warrior!"
  • 067. "A new HOPE! Born in the chest - Goodbye Trunks!"
  • 068. "Get out of there, Shenron !! What is your wish !?"  *Filling
  • 069. "Goku against Arale !! The Earth on the brink of destruction !?"  *Filling
  • 070. "The Champa Challenge! Let's play a Baseball Game!"  *Filling
  • 071. "Goku, Die! The assassination mission guaranteed!"  *Filling
  • 072. "Counterattack !? The invisible killer technique!"  *Filling
  • 073. "Gohan in trouble! The Great Saiyaman movie !?"  *Filling
  • 074. "For your loved ones! The Unshakable Great Saiyaman!"  *Filling
  • 075. "Goku and Krillin. To the nostalgic training place"  * Stuffed
  • 076. "Defeat all the terrifying enemies! Krillin's fighting spirit returns!"  *Filling


The opening it covers is  Chozetsu Dynamic! (77-131)  and the endings are  Aku no Tenshi to Seigi no Akuma   (77-83), Boogie Back (84-96), Haruka (97-108), 70cm SHIHOU NO MADOBE (109-121) and LAGRIMA (122 -131) .

  • 077. "Let's do it, Mr. Zeno! The Multiversal Tournament!"
  • 078. "Are the Gods of each Universe terrified? Those who lose the" Tournament of Power "will disappear"
  • 079. "Basil the kicker of Universe 9, against Majin Buu of Universe 7 !!"
  • 080. "Wake up your sleeping combative spirit! The fight of Son Gohan !!"
  • 081. "Bergamo the Crusher, against Son Goku! Who has unlimited power !?"
  • 082. "I will not forgive you, Son Goku! The rush of the righteous warrior Toppo !!"
  • 083. "Form the team of Universe 7! Who will be the 10 strongest !?"
  • 084. "Goku the recruiter; Invitation for Krillin and Number 18"
  • 085. "Universes act; Everyone's plans"
  • 086. "The first fist crossing! Android 17 against Son Goku !!" * Only the final part is filled (from the minute 20:42 until the end). In the original story, No. 17 agrees to participate in the tournament when Goku tells him that if they lose the universe it will be destroyed, he also says that he owes a favor to Krillin for taking away the bomb with his desire.
  • 087. "On the hunt for hunters! Goku and Number 17 united in combat !!"  *Filling
  • 088. "" Gohan and Pícoro Teacher and student in a training at the highest level! "  * Fill
  • 089. "" A mysterious beauty appears! The mystery of Dojo Ten Shin !? "  * Stuffed
  • 090. "Fix the wall to overcome! Goku against Gohan!"  *Filling
  • 091. "What Universe will survive !? The Meeting of the strongest warriors !!"
  • 092. "An Emergency Happens! Gather the 10 incomplete members !!"
  • 093. "You are the tenth warrior! Goku visits Frieza!"
  • 094. "The Emperor of Evil has risen! The reception of some Mysterious Assassins ?!"
  • 095. "The Worst! The most evil! Freezer runaway !!"
  • 096. "The time has come! To the Kingdom of Nothing for the destiny of the universe!"
  • 097. "Survive! The Tournament of Power finally begins !!"
  • 098. "Oh, Uncertainty! A Desperate Universe !!"
  • 099. "Teach them! The true power of Krillin !!"
  • 100. "Uncontrol! Wake up the Wild Warrior !!"
  • 101. "The appearance of the Righteous Warriors! The Pride Troops !!"
  • 102. "The Power of Love explodes !? The Witch Witches of Universe 2 !!"
  • 103. "Do not show mercy, Gohan! Confrontation against Universe 10 !!"
  • 104. "A battle breaks out at great speed! The united front of Goku and Hit !!"
  • 105. "A Desperate Combat! The Sacrifice of Master Mutenroshi!"
  • 106. "Find it! Duel to the death against an invisible opponent !!"
  • 107. "Revenge of 'F'! An ingenious trap !?"
  • 108. "Frieza and Frost! Joint malice !?"
  • 109. "The most powerful enemy faces Goku! Throw it now! The deadly Genki-Lady !!"
  • 110. "The Awakening of Son Goku! New secrets await him !!"
  • 111. "The supreme battle of another dimension! Hit vs. Jiren !!" * Hit vs. Jiren,  Ribrianne vs. Vegeta
  • 112. "The Saiyan Promise! Vegeta's Determination !!"
  • 113. "What happiness! Again the Saiyan frenzy battle !!"
  • 114. "Intimidating passion! The birth of a new Super Warrior!"
  • 115. "Goku vs Kefla! Does Super Saiyan Blue lose !?"
  • 116. "The signs of a return! The explosion of the Supreme Instinct !!"
  • 117. "The Battle of Love! The Androids vs. The Universe 2!"
  • 118. "Accelerating the tragedy. The Universes that disappear ..."
  • 119. "Impossible to dodge ?! Stealth Threat!"
  • 120. "Perfect survival strategy! The threatening killers of Universe 3 !!"
  • 121. "Open war! The great quadruple fusion against the attack of Universe 7!"
  • 122. "For his own pride! Vegeta's challenge to be the strongest !!"
  • 123. "Body and soul, maximum power released! Goku and Vegeta !!"
  • 124. "The fierce overwhelming assault! Gohan's last act !!"
  • 125. "An imposing presence! The advent of the God of Destruction Toppo !!"
  • 126. "Overcome a god! Vegeta's desperate assault !!"
  • 127. "The approximate obstacle! The final barrier of hope !!"
  • 128. "Keep your pride until the end! Vegeta's last duel!"
  • 129. "Super-exceeded limits! Ultra Instinct dominated !!"
  • 130. "An unprecedented confrontation! The last battle for survival!"
  • 131. "Miraculous outcome! Goodbye, Goku! Until our next reunion!"

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