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Boruto Filler List and Chronological Order 2021

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the sequel to Naruto Shippuden, the manga began to be published since May 16, 2016, being written by Ukyo Kodachi, illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto and supervised by Masashi Kishimoto. Its anime adaptation began to air from April 5, 2017, with the inconvenience that by this date the manga was just in chapter 10, because its publication was monthly. For this reason the anime contains many episodes with the term "Anime Canon", since due to the scarce material of the manga, Light Novels and extra volumes of the prequel manga had to be adapted.

So the Boruto anime episodes are divided into: canon episodes, filler episodes and canon anime episodes.

Boruto Filler List and Chronological Order 2021

Currently the anime is on air with a total of 217 episodes, of which 34 episodes are filler and this represents that 15.74% of the series does not contribute to the story. It should be noted that if we focus on only the material that was adapted from the manga, the canon episodes would only be 60 of the 216. But the "anime canon" episodes are considered special because they expand the story and resolve some doubts that the manga omitted.

Boruto Filler Episodes

In this list of episodes you will be able to know the order to see Boruto or rather the chronology of this anime, this based on the extra material it contains, either ovas, movies or specials that will be located in chronological order, likewise the list is divided by seasons, sagas or arcs and each filler episode is marked, this so you can watch Boruto without filler. Finally, in this ultimate guide I will mention in which chapter of the manga the anime ends or rather in which chapter of the manga the Boruto anime continues, whether you see it on Netflix, Hulu, Funimation or Crunchyroll.

These episodes are not adapted from the manga, so it does not follow the original story, we skip these episodes.
These episodes are not adapted from the manga (some were adapted from light novels), but they explain things that the manga could not, complementing the story, I recommend watching them.
These episodes are adapted to 100% of the manga that follows the story, we see it all.

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Academy Entrance Arc (01-16)

The opening that covers is Baton Road (1-18) and its ending is Dreamy Journey (1-13) and Sayonara Moon Town (14-18)~ Adapted from Novel 1: The New Leaves Soaring Through the Blue Sky! (Ep. 1-6), Novel 2: A Call from the Shadows! (Ep. 7-12) and Novel 3: Those Who Illuminate the Night of Shinobi! (Ep. 13-15).

  • 01. "Boruto Uzumaki!" * Anime Canon
  • 02. "The Hokage's Son!" Anime Canon
  • 03. "Metal Lee Goes Wild!" Anime Canon
  • 04. "A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!" Anime Canon
  • 05. "The Mysterious Transfer Student!" Anime Canon
  • 06. "The Final Lesson!" Anime Canon
  • 07. "Love and Potato Chips!" Anime Canon
  • 08. "The Dream's Revelation"  Anime Canon
  • 09. "Proof of Oneself"  * Anime Canon 
  • 10. "The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!" Anime Canon
  • 11. "The Shadow of The Mastermind" Anime Canon
  • 12. "Boruto and Mitsuki" Anime Canon
  • 13. "The Demon Beast Appears!" Anime Canon
  • 14. "The Path That Boruto Can See"  Anime Canon
  • 15. "A New Path"  Anime Canon
  • 16. "Crisis: The Threat of Failing!"  * Filler
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Sarada Uchiha Arc (17-24)

The opening that covers is Baton Road (19-24) and its ending is Sayonara Moon Town (19-24). ~ Adapted from the manga Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

  • 17. "Run, Sarada!"  *Filler
  • 18. "A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family"
  • 19. "Sarada Uchiha"
  • 20. "The Boy With The Sharingan" 
  • 21. "Sasuke and Sarada"
  • 22. "Connected Feelings" 
  • 23. "Bonds Come in All Shapes"
  • 24. "Boruto and Sarada"

School Trip Arc (25-32)

The opening that includes is Baton Road (25-26)  and  OVER (27-32) and its ending is  Sayonara Moon Town (25-26)  and  Boku wa Hashiri Tsuzukeru (27-32)~ Adapted from Novel 4: School Trip Bloodwind Records (Ep. 25-32).
  • 25. "The Turbulent Field Trip" Anime Canon
  • 26. "The Mizukage's Successor"  Anime Canon
  • 27. "A Shinobi Bout of Friendship"  Anime Canon
  • 28. "Declaration of War"  Anime Canon
  • 29. "The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen!" Anime Canon
  • 30. "The Sharingan vs. The Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!"  Anime Canon
  • 31. "Boruto and Kagura"  Anime Canon
  • 32. "The Quest for Souvenirs"  Anime Canon

Graduation Exams Arc (33-38)

The opening that includes is  OVER (33-38)  and its ending is  Boku wa Hashiri Tsuzukeru (33-38). ~ Adapted from Novel 5: The Last Day at the Ninja Academy! (Ep. 34-38).

  • 33. "The Super Beast Scroll Slump!"  *Filler
  • 34. "The Night of the Shooting Stars"  * Anime Canon
  • 35. "The Parent Teacher Conference!" Anime Canon
  • 36. "The Graduation Exam Begins!" Anime Canon
  • 37. "A Shinobi's Resolve"  Anime Canon
  • 38. "Formation of the Three-Man Squad?" Anime Canon

Genin Mission Arc (39-42)

The opening that includes is  OVER (39-42)  and its ending is  Boku wa Hashiri Tsuzukeru (39)  and  Denshin Tamashii (40-42) .

  • 39. "The Path Lit by the Full Moon" ~Naruto Gaiden ~The Road Illuminated by the Full Moon
  • 40. "Team 7: The First Mission"  Anime Canon
  • 41. "Strength in Unity"  Anime Canon
  • 42. "A Ninja's Job"  * Filler

Byakuya Gang Arc (43-51)

The opening that covers is  OVER (43-51)  and its ending is  Denshin Tamashii (43-51) .

  • 43. "The Byakuya Gang Surfaces!"  *Filler
  • 44. "Shikadai's Doubts"  * Filler
  • 45. "Memories from the Day of Snow"  * Filler
  • 46. "Go! The Crest of Night Strategy"  *Filler
  • 47. "The Figure I Want to Be"  * Filler
  • 48. "The Genin Documentary"  *Filler
  • 49. "Wasabi and Namida"  * Filler
  • 50. "The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting"  * Filler
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Chunin Exams Arc (52-66)

The opening that covers is  It's all in the game (52-66)  and its ending is  Kachou Fugetsu (52-63) and LAIKA  (64-66) . ~ Adapted from manga 1 to 11.

  • 51. "Boruto's Birthday" * Anime Canon
  • 52. "Sasuke's Shadow" *Anime Canon
  • 53. "Himawari's Birthday" 
  • 54. "Sasuke and Boruto" 
  • 55. "The Scientific Ninja Tool" 
  • 56. "Rivals, Gather!" 
  • 57. "The Reason I Can't Lose" 
  • 58. "The Tournament Begins!" 
  • 59. "Boruto vs. Shikadai" 
  • 60. "The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand" 
  • 61. "The Iron Sand User: Shinki" 
  • 62. "The Otsutsuki Invasion" 
  • 63. "Sasuke's Secret Weapon" 
  • 64. "Rescuing Naruto!" 
  • 65. "Father and Child" 
  • 66. "My Story!" 

Chocho Arc (67-70)

The opening that covers is It's all in the game (67-70) and its ending is  LAIKA  (67-70).

  • 67. "Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode!"  *Filler
  • 68. "Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode!"  *Filler
  • 69. "Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval!"  *Filler
  • 70. "The Other Side of Anxiety"  * Filler
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Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc (71-92)

The opening that covers is It's all in the game (71-75) and Lonely Go! (76-92) and its ending is  LAIKA  (71-75),  Polaris (76-87) and Tsuyogari LOSER (88-92).
  • 71. "The Hardest Rock in the World"  * Anime Canon
  • 72. "Mitsuki's Will"  * Anime Canon
  • 73. "The Other Side of the Moon"  * Anime Canon
  • 74. "The Enemy, Ino-Shika-Cho!"  *Anime Canon
  • 75. "The Trials of Ryuchi Cave"  * Anime Canon
  • 76. "Incurring Wrath"  * Anime Canon
  • 77. "A Fierce Enemy: Garaga's Ferocious Attack!"  *Anime Canon
  • 78. "Everyone’s Motives"  * Anime Canon
  • 79. "Reunion with Mitsuki"  *Anime Canon
  • 80. "Mitsuki’s Friend"  * Anime Canon
  • 81. "Boruto's Wish"  * Anime Canon
  • 82. "Infiltrating the Hidden Stone Village"  *Anime Canon
  • 83. "Ohnoki's Justice"  * Anime Canon
  • 84. "Ohnoki's Thoughts, Ku's Thoughts"  *Anime Canon
  • 85. "The Heart Stone"  * Anime Canon
  • 86. "Kozuchi's Will"  * Anime Canon
  • 87. "The Sensation of Living"  * Anime Canon
  • 88. "Clash: Kokuyou!"  *Anime Canon
  • 89. "A Piercing Heart"  * Anime Canon
  • 90. "Mitsuki and Sekiei"  * Anime Canon
  • 91. "Ohnoki's Will"  * Anime Canon
  • 92. "A New Ordinary"  * Anime Canon

Naruto Shinden: Family Day (93-95)

The opening that covers is Lonely Go! (93-95) and its ending is Tsuyogari LOSER (93-95) . ~ Adapted from Novel: Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day.

  • 93. "Parent and Child Day"  Anime Canon
  • 94. "A Heaping Helping! The Eating Contest!" Anime Canon
  • 95. "Tactics for Getting Along With Your Daughter"  Anime Canon

Jugo Arc (96-105)

The opening that covers is Lonely Go! (96-100) and Golden Time (101-105) and its ending is Tsuyogari LOSER (96-100) and Ride or Die (101-105).

  • 96. "Blood, Sweat, and Namida"  * Filler
  • 97. "Shikadai's Decision"  * Filler
  • 98. "The Cursed Forest"  Anime Canon
  • 99. "Jugo and The Curse Mark"  Anime Canon
  • 100. "The Predestined Path"  Anime Canon
  • 101. "Jugo's Reinforcements"  Anime Canon
  • 102. "Melee"  Anime Canon
  • 103. "Migration Season"  Anime Canon
  • 104. "The Little Roommate"  * Filler
  • 105. "A Wound on the Heart"  Anime Canon

Steam Ninja Scrolls Arc (106-111)

The opening that covers is Golden Time (106-111) and its ending is Ride or Die (106-111)~ Adapted from Novel: Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls

  • 106. "The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The S-Rank Mission!"  Anime Canon
  • 107. "The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Dog and Cat War!" Anime Canon
  • 108. "The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Haunted Inn!" Anime Canon
  • 109. "The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Potato Chips and the Giant Boulder!" Anime Canon
  • 110. "The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Resurrection Hot Springs!" Anime Canon
  • 111. "The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Mirai's King!" Anime Canon
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Konohamaru Arc (112-119)

The opening that covers is Golden Time (112-119) and its ending is Ride or Die (112-113) and Mikanseina Hikari-tachi (114-119).

  • 112."The Chunin Selection Conference" * Anime Canon
  • 113."The Qualities of a Captain" * Filler
  • 114."X Cards Proxy War!" * Filler
  • 115."Team 25" * Filler
  • 116."Konohamaru and Remon" * Filler
  • 117."Remon's Secret" * Filler
  • 118."Something That Steals Memories * Filler
  • 119."Konohamaru's Ninja Way" * Filler

One-Tail Escort Arc (120-126)

The opening that covers is Golden Time (120-126) and its ending is Mikanseina Hikari-tachi (120-126) .

  • 120."With Sasuke As The Goal" * Anime Canon
  • 121."The Entrusted Mission: Protect the One Tails!" * Anime Canon
  • 122."The Puppet Battle!" * Anime Canon
  • 123."Urashiki Returns" * Anime Canon
  • 124."Decision Time" * Anime Canon
  • 125."Boruto and Shinki" * Anime Canon
  • 126."Shukaku's Trick" * Anime Canon

Time Slip Arc (127-141)

The opening that covers is Teenage Dream (127-141) and its ending is Wish On (127-138), Fireworks (139-140).

  • 127."Make-Out Tactics" * Anime Canon
  • 128."Urashiki’s Target" * Anime Canon
  • 129."The Village Hidden in the Leaves" * Anime Canon
  • 130."Genin, Assemble!" * Anime Canon
  • 131."The Power of the Nine Tails" * Anime Canon
  • 132"Jiraiya's Assignment" * Anime Canon
  • 133."A Village Without Sasuke" * Anime Canon
  • 134."The Power to See the Future"" * Anime Canon
  • 135."The Last Battle: Urashiki" * Anime Canon
  • 136."Crossing Time!" * Anime Canon
  • 137."The Samurai Exchange Student" * Anime Canon
  • 138."Hiashi's Birthday" * Filler
  • 139."The Terror! Enko Onikuma" * Filler
  • 140."The Mind Transfer Jutsu that Lost to Potato Chips" * Filler

Mujina Bandits Arc (142-156)

The opening that covers is Teenage Dream (141-150), Hajimatteiku Tamkamattiku (151-156) and its ending is Fireworks (141-150), Maybe I (151-156)~ Adapted from manga 11 to 15.

  • 141."The Shinobi Prison: Hozuki Castle" * Anime Canon
  • 142."A Test of Willpower" Anime Canon
  • 143."The Criminal Targeting Kokuri" Anime Canon
  • 144."Kokuri's Secret" Anime Canon
  • 145."Breaking out of Hozuki Castle" Anime Canon
  • 146."Executing the Prison Break!" Anime Canon
  • 147."The Fateful Moonlit Battle" Anime Canon
  • 148."A New Mission!!"
  • 149."Friends!!"
  • 150."The Value of a Hidden Ace"
  • 151."Boruto and Tento"
  • 152."Developing One's Medical Ninjutsu" Filler
  • 153."Harmony in Gold" Filler
  • 154."Himawari's Ninja Trial Session" Filler
  • 155."Mitsuki's Rainy Day" Filler
  • 156."I Can't Stay in My Slim Form" Filler
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Kara Actuation Arc (157-177)

The opening that covers is Hajimatteiku Tamkamattiku (157-177) and its ending is Maybe I (157-167), Central (168-177).

  • 157."Kara's Footprints" Anime Canon
  • 158."The Man Who Disappeared" Anime Canon
  • 159."The Hashirama Cell" Anime Canon
  • 160."To the Land of Silence" Anime Canon
  • 161."The Castle of Nightmares" Anime Canon
  • 162."Escaping the Tightening Net" Anime Canon
  • 163."The Pursuers" Anime Canon
  • 164."The Forbidden Jutsu of Death" Anime Canon
  • 165."The Quadruplets' Duty" Anime Canon
  • 166."Death Match" Anime Canon
  • 167."Their Decision" Anime Canon
  • 168."Training Begins!" Anime Canon
  • 169."A Joint Mission With the Sand" Anime Canon
  • 170."A New Rasengan" Anime Canon
  • 171."The Results of Training" Anime Canon
  • 172."A Signature of Fear" Anime Canon
  • 173."The Secret Behind the Underground Room" Anime Canon
  • 174."The Revival of the Divine Tree" Anime Canon
  • 175."Beyond the Limits!" Anime Canon
  • 176."Blockade the A-Un Gate!" Anime Canon
  • 177."The Iron Wall's Sensing System" Anime Canon

Vessel Arc (178-187)

The opening that covers is Hajimatteiku Tamkamattiku (178-180), BAKU (181-187) and its ending is Central (178-180), Answers (181-187)~ Adapted from manga 16 to 23.

  • 178."Our Fathers' Example" Anime Canon
  • 179."Victor's Scheme" Anime Canon
  • 180."The Assassin, Mugino" Anime Canon
  • 181."The Vessel"
  • 182."Ao"
  • 183."The Hand"
  • 184."Puppets"
  • 185."Tools"
  • 186."How You Use It"
  • 187."Karma"

Kawaki Arc (188-220)

El opening que abarca es BAKU (188-205), Gamushara (206-220) y su ending es Answers (188-192), Kimi Ga Ita Shirushi (193-220)~ Adapted from manga 24 to 58.

  • 188."Awakening"
  • 189."Resonance"
  • 190."Escape" Anime Canon
  • 191."Stray Dog" Anime Canon
  • 192."The Past"
  • 193."Coexistence"
  • 194."The Uzumaki Household"
  • 195."A Vase"
  • 196."A Binding Force"
  • 197."Delta"
  • 198."Monsters"
  • 199."Overload"
  • 200."Apprentice"
  • 201."Empty Tears"
  • 202."The Cult"
  • 203."Surprise Attack!"
  • 204."He's Bad News"
  • 205."Proof"
  • 206."The New Team Seven"
  • 207."Regeneration"
  • 208."Momoshiki Manifestation"
  • 209."The Outcast" *Anime Canon
  • 210."Clues to Kara"
  • 211."The Chase"
  • 212."Amado's Defection"
  • 213."True Identity"
  • 214."Predestined Fate"
  • 215."Prepared"
  • 216."Sacrifice"
  • 217."Decision"
  • 218."Partner"
  • 219."Return"
  • 220."Remaining Time"

Chūnin Re-Examination Arc (221-?)

El opening que abarca es Gamushara (221-?) y su ending es Kimi Ga Ita Shirushi (221-?).

  • 221."Chunin Exam, Again" * Anime Canon
  • 222."Eve of the Decisive Battle" * Anime Canon
  • 223."Inojin vs. Houki" * Anime Canon
  • 224."Bakeneko Legend" * Anime Canon
  • 225."Best Friend Showdown" * Anime Canon
  • 226."Samurai vs. Kagaku" * Anime Canon
  • 227."Team 7, The Last Mission?!" * Anime Canon
  • 228."Kawaki's Path, To Becoming A Ninja" * Anime Canon
  • 229."Order Violation" * Anime Canon
  • 230."Wish" * Anime Canon

What chapter of the manga is Boruto anime on?

Last Episode Corresponds to:»We started reading from:
The last episode that was emitted is the 220 that corresponds to Chapters 56, 57 and 58 of the manga "Boruto".So if we want to continue the anime where it left off, we must start reading from Chapter 59 of the manga, this corresponds to Volume 15 (contains chapters 56 to 59).

Boruto Fillers to Watch and Skip

Next, I will mention the boruto filler list worth watching or that you to skip, including the canon anime arcs:

  • 1-16 (Academy Entrance Arc ). Recommended . In this arc they will introduce us to the new generation of ninjas, in addition to telling the story of a relevant character for later episodes. We skip episode 16 for being filler.
  • 25-32 (School Trip Arc ). Not recommended . This arc is unnecessary, here they show us the school trip from the ninja academy to Kirigakure. Only this trip will be remembered in episode 182 but with nothing relevant to contribute.
  • 33-38 (Graduation Exams Arc ). Recommended . In this arc they tell us a little about the motivations and expectations of the students for the future, this after becoming ninjas. We skip episode 33 for being filler.
  • 39-42 (Genin Mission Arc ). Recommended . A short arc where they show us the first missions as genins. We skip episode 42 for being filler.
  • 43-50 (Byakuya Gang Arc ). Not recommended . An unnecessary bow with nothing to contribute.
  • 67-70 (Chocho Arc ). Not recommended . An unnecessary bow with nothing to contribute.
  • 71-92 (Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc). Not recommended . In this arc they tell us about Mitsuki's internal conflicts, deserting Konoha a bit in the style of Sasuke. Although a well-known character dies in this arc, for this anime it was irrelevant. But this arc would have been fine with fewer episodes, but unfortunately its 22 episodes makes it get boring
  • 93-95 (Naruto Shinden: Family Day ). Recommended . A little nostalgia.
  • 96-105 (Jugo Arc). Recommended . Highly recommended, short and concise bow. We skip episodes 96, 97 and 104 because they are filler.
  • 106-111 (Steam Ninja Scrolls Arc ). Not recommended . Although it tries to reach our hearts by nostalgia, it does not fulfill its objective due to its very poor plot.
  • 112-119 (Konohamaru Arc). Not recommended . This arc is conflicting, since I do not consider it bad, but not good either. You can skip it if you want to advance faster in the story, but if you are already up to date you can see it.
  • 120-126 (One-Tail Escort Arc ). Recommended . Arc where Urashiki's actions begin.
  • 127-140 (Time Slip Arc ). Recommended . Arc where it narrates the travel in time of Boruto and Sasuke to stop Urashiki.
  • 141-156 (Mujina Bandits Arc). Recommended . While this arc is canon, only episodes 148, 149, 150 and 151 are relevant, from 141 to 147 are introductory episodes (canon anime) and from 152 to 156 are filler.
  • 157-? (Kara Actuation Arc). Recommended .  From episode 157 onwards all episodes are canon and canon anime..

Filler Episodes in Boruto anime

If you still have doubts about boruto filler episodes to skip, here is a video that will be intuitive.

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