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One Piece Arcs and Sagas : Summary and Villains

One Piece is divided into 10 sagas subdivided into 52 arcs, the anime has more than 1000 episodes and its first episode aired on October 20, 1999, being a great success.

One Piece Sagas and Arcs

The longest saga in anime is the Dressrosa Saga, with 172 episodes, it is divided into 4 arcs: Z's Ambition Arc, Punk Hazard Arc, Caesar Retrieval Arc and the Dressrosa Arc, this is also the longest arc in the anime, with 118 episodes.

We have created a complete guide to help you Watch One Piece in Order, everything will be well detailed. We have listed all the arcs that correspond to each saga, including the One Piece Filler Arcs, these will have a brief synopsis and mentioning the villains that appear. So let's not waste time and take a look at the list of One Piece Arcs in order.

East Blue Saga (001-061)

The East Blue Saga is the first saga and introductory saga of the anime One Piece. This is divided into 8 arcs, 7 canon and 1 non-canon; It has 61 episodes.

Arcos de la saga:

Arcs Episodes Summary Villains
Romance Dawn Arc 001-003 Seven-year-old Monkey D. Luffy vows to become a pirate after befriending the Red Hair Pirates and their captain, Shanks. Ten years later, Luffy sets sail, battles Alvida, and encounters Marine Captain Morgan's tyranny in Shells Town. He seeks to recruit the "Pirate Hunter" Roronoa Zoro as his first crewmate. AlvidaMorgan Alvida, Morgan
Orange Town Arc 004-008 While sailing without a clear destination, Luffy and Zoro arrive at Orange Town, where the clown-themed pirate Buggy and his crew are causing chaos. It's here that Luffy encounters Nami, a thief with a grudge against pirates, whom he hopes to persuade to join his crew as their navigator. Buggy Buggy
Syrup Village Arc 009-018 Upon reaching Syrup Village in search of a ship, Luffy, Zoro, and Nami encounter Usopp, the village's notorious storyteller. When they uncover a sinister plot against Usopp's friend, Kaya, they feel compelled to aid him in thwarting Captain Kuro to protect her. Kuro Kuro
Baratie Arc 019-030 The Straw Hat Pirates encounter old friends of Zoro, Johnny and Yosaku, who guide them to the Baratie, a floating restaurant at sea. There, they meet chef Sanji, whom Luffy wants as their cook. However, Admiral Don Krieg threatens the Baratie, leading to battles, Zoro facing Dracule Mihawk, Nami stealing the Going Merry, and Luffy defending the restaurant. The crew splits to chase after Nami. Don Krieg< Don Krieg
Arlong Park Arc 031-045 Zoro, Usopp, and Johnny follow Nami, who absconded with the Going Merry, to Cocoyasi Village, her hometown. They uncover Arlong's oppressive rule and Nami's past as a member of the Arlong Pirates, led by Fish-Men. When Luffy and cook Sanji join, Nami's true motives emerge, and the Straw Hats unite to liberate her and the village from the Fish-Men's tyranny. ArlongArlong
Buggy Side Story Arc 046-047 Following his defeat by Luffy and Nami, Buggy embarks on a mission to reclaim his scattered body parts and reunite with his crew, all while plotting his revenge against Luffy. His quest unfolds through a series of thrilling adventures and challenges. -
Loguetown Arc 048-053 The Straw Hat Pirates make a pit stop in Loguetown, the birthplace and execution site of Gold Roger, to restock before venturing into the Grand Line. Yet, they encounter formidable Marine leadership and former adversaries obstructing their path. SmokerSmoker
Warship Island Arc (Filler) 054-061 In a storm, Apis escapes a Marine ship and causes it to capsize. Captain Nelson Royale sends Eric the Whirlwind after her, believing she holds the key to eternal youth. The Straw Hat Pirates rescue Apis, learning she fled Marine Branch 8. They agree to help her return to Warship Island, facing Marine attacks and encountering sea kings in the Calm Belt. EricEric

Alabasta Saga (062-135)

The Arabasta Saga, also referred to as the "Baroque Works Saga", is the second saga of the anime One Piece. This is divided into 7 arcs, 6 canon and 1 non-canon; It has 74 episodes.

Arcos de la saga:

Arcs Episodes Summary Villains
Reverse Mountain Arc 062-063 The Straw Hat Pirates set a course for Reverse Mountain and embark on the dangerous challenge of navigating its treacherous rapids to access the Grand Line. During their descent, they encounter the colossal whale Laboon and encounter enigmatic figures known as Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday. Mr. 9 Miss WednesdayMr. 9, Miss Wednesday
Whisky Peak Arc 064-067 Equipped with a Log Pose, the Straw Hat Pirates are guided towards Whisky Peak, a town known for its warm reception of pirates, treating them as esteemed guests. Yet, beneath the friendly facade lies a hidden truth and a deeper enigma awaits them. Mr. 5 Miss ValentineMr. 5, Miss Valentine
Koby and Helmeppo Arc 068-069 In the cover mini-arc featuring Koby and Helmeppo, the duo is inadvertently drawn into an escape plot involving Morgan. Their courageous actions impress their higher-ups, including Vice Admiral Garp, who decides to mentor and train them. Koby and Helmeppo subsequently serve at Marine Headquarters under Vice Admiral Garp while undergoing rigorous training to enhance their strength. MorganMorgan
Little Garden Arc 070-077 With Vivi accompanying them, the Straw Hat Pirates set sail for the ancient island of Little Garden. On this island, they come across Dorry and Brogy, a pair of giants locked in a century-long battle. After forming a bond with the giants, the crew faces a surprise attack from both new and familiar members of Baroque Works. Mr.3 Miss GoldenweekMr.3, Miss GoldenW.
Drum Island Arc 078-091 When Nami becomes afflicted with a mysterious illness, the Straw Hat Pirates journey to Drum Island in quest of a physician. They encounter an unusual talking reindeer named Tony Tony Chopper, who assists them in defending against the return of the island's former tyrannical ruler, King Wapol, seeking to regain his throne. WapolWapol
Arabasta Arc 092-130 The Straw Hat crew eventually arrives at the desert realm of Arabasta and embarks on a race through the kingdom to reach Alubarna before a colossal conflict erupts between the royal guards and the rebels. Yet, the real instigator of the war, Mr. 0, along with the remaining agents of Baroque Works, obstruct the Straw Hats on their path to their destination. CrocodileCrocodile
Post-Arabasta Arc (Filler) 131-135 The Post-Arabasta Arc consists of five separate episodes that delve into the backgrounds and aspirations of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates crew. Notably, Luffy and Robin are the only ones who are not featured in their own dedicated episodes. -

Sky Island Saga (136-206)

The Sky Island Saga, also referred to as the "Skypiea Saga", is the third saga of the anime One Piece. This is divided into 5 arcs, 2 canon and 3 non-canon; It has 70 episodes.

Arcos de la saga:

Arcs Episodes Summary Villains
Goat Island Arc (Filler) 136-138 Fleeing from the pursuing Marines, Luffy and his crew become ensnared in a fog and stumble upon an undiscovered island. Inhabited solely by an elderly man named Zenny and numerous goats, they uncover a partially built ship on the island's summit. The Straw Hat Pirates aid Zenny while evading the Marines led by Moore and Minchey, striving to launch his ship into the sea. MooreMincheyMoore, Minchey
Ruluka Island Arc (Filler) 139-143 The arc begins with Going Merry chased by Marines led by Major Rapanui Pasqua and Isoka. They escape after the Marine accidentally sinks their own ship. They reach Ruluka Island, ruled by an oppressive pirate dictator overtaxing people for the Rainbow Tower. Scientist Henzo, sponsored by ex-pirate Wetton, researches the 'Rainbow Mist.' WettonWetton
Jaya Arc 144-152 Following the Straw Hat Pirates' Log Pose indication of a skyward direction, they journey to Jaya Island, where they collaborate with Mont Blanc Cricket to verify the existence of a Sky Island. In the bustling pirate hub of Mock Town, Luffy clashes with the arrogant and brutal Bellamy. During this encounter, he encounters a mysterious individual who encourages Luffy to persistently pursue his aspirations. BellamyBellamy
Skypiea Arc 153-195 Upon reaching Skypiea, the Straw Hat Pirates discover its links to Jaya and Mont Blanc Noland's account of a vanished golden city. As they set out to hunt for treasure, they become ensnared in a complex conflict involving the indigenous Skypieans, the vindictive Shandians, and the tyrannical "deity" Enel. EnelEnel
G-8 Arc (Filler) 196-206 Following the conclusion of the Sky Island Saga, the Going Merry doesn't land in the open sea but becomes ensnared within the heavily fortified confines of a Marine base. The crew must disperse to stay safe, and their goal is to later reclaim their ship and make their escape. JonathanJonathan

Water 7 Saga (207-325)

The Water 7 Saga, also referred to as the "World Government Saga" and "CP9 Saga", is the fourth saga of the manga and anime One Piece. This is divided into 6 arcs, 4 canon and 2 non-canon; It has 119 episodes.

Arcos de la saga:

Arcs Episodes Summary Villains
Long Ring Long Land Arc 207-219 Upon reaching Long Ring Long Land, the Straw Hat Pirates are unexpectedly attacked by the Foxy Pirates and presented with a "Davy Back Fight" challenge, where the fate of the Straw Hat crew's members hangs in the balance. FoxyFoxy
Ocean's Dream Arc (Filler) 220-224 While docked near an island, the Straw Hat Pirates mysteriously lose their memories overnight. Each crew member wakes up confused, with Robin being the only one unaffected. They discover they're on a pirate ship, and Nami leaves in fear. Zoro and others follow suit, abandoning the ship. Tatsu, NokoTatsu, Noko
Foxy's Return Arc (Filler) 225-228 After the Ocean's Dream Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates encounter Foxy and his crew in a storm. Foxy's ship is taken over by the Fanged Toad Pirates, and a Davy Back Fight is proposed. Foxy loses the initial duel but traps the Straw Hats in his ship. They escape after facing various traps. Foxy's crew's subsequent attempts to defeat the Straw Hats fail, leading to an encounter with Aokiji. KibagaeruKibagaeru
Water 7 Arc 229-262 The Straw Hat Pirates reach the aquatic city of Water 7 in search of a shipwright to mend the Going Merry and possibly join their crew. They attract the attention of the Franky Family, an underground gang. The crew gets entangled in a conspiracy within the Galley-La Company. Amidst Robin's disappearance and a growing rift between Luffy and Usopp, the crew faces internal turmoil and challenges. FrankyFranky
Enies Lobby Arc 263-312 The Straw Hat Pirates, along with Sogeking, the Franky Family, and the Galley-La Company shipwrights, reach Enies Lobby on the Rocketman, determined to rescue Nico Robin and Franky. They confront the World Government's formidable forces, including CP9 assassins, leading to a fierce battle as Luffy declares war on the World Government. SpandamRob LucciSpandam, Rob Lucci, CP9
Post-Enies Lobby Arc 313-325 While taking a break in Water 7 after their escape from Enies Lobby, the Straw Hat Pirates receive a visit from a Marine group, including individuals known to Luffy. Franky pledges to construct a new ship for the crew. Meanwhile, Shanks and Whitebeard discuss the actions of Ace and Blackbeard, whose duel on Banaro Island is poised to ignite a world-altering conflict. GarpGarp

Thriller Bark Saga (326-384)

The Thriller Bark Saga, also referred to as the Florian Triangle Saga, is the fifth saga of the manga and anime One Piece. This is divided into 3 arcs, 1 canon and 2 non-canon; It has 59 episodes.

Arcos de la saga:

Arcs Episodes Summary Villains
Ice Hunter Arc (Filler) 326-336 While sailing on their recently acquired vessel, the Thousand Sunny, the Straw Hat Pirates come across a distressed ship. They offer assistance to its crew, only to discover that these individuals attempt to deceive them. It is subsequently revealed that these crew members are in cahoots with the Accino Family, a group of bounty hunters. StansenAccino
Thriller Bark Arc 337-381 While traversing the mysterious Florian Triangle, the Straw Hat Pirates arrive at Thriller Bark, an eerie island. Here, they cross paths with the Warlord Gecko Moria, who possesses Devil Fruit powers enabling him to steal their shadows. With assistance from a enigmatic talking skeleton named Brook, the crew must recover their shadows before sunrise to ensure their survival. Gecko MoriaOarsGecko Moria, Oars
Spa Island Arc (Filler) 382-384 The mini-arc begins with the Straw Hat Pirates on an artificial island filled with individual recreations. Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp have fun in the pools, catching the attention of a girl named Lina and her shape-shifting pet sea raccoon, Nukky. They meet Lina's sister, Sayo, who guards a mysterious notebook. Sayo eventually leaves the island with Lina and Nukky. DoranDoran

Summit War Saga (385-516)

The Summit War Saga is the sixth saga of the manga and anime One Piece. This is divided into 6 arcs, 5 canon and 1 non-canon; It has 132 episodes.

Arcos de la saga:

Arcs Episodes Summary Villains
Sabaody Archipelago Arc 385-407 The Straw Hat Pirates reach Sabaody Archipelago, the last island in the Grand Line's first half. They aim to find a way to cross the Red Line into the New World. However, they clash with a dangerous slave trading operation catering to the World Nobles. Luffy and Zoro are recognized as members of the Eleven Supernovas, a group of high-bounty rookie pirates arriving simultaneously. This sparks a series of events causing chaos on the archipelago, presenting the Straw Hats with their toughest trial yet. KizaruSentomaruKizaru, Sentomaru
Amazon Lily Arc 408-421 Following his defeat by Kuma at Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy is propelled to Amazon Lily, an island where males are instantly targeted for execution. As he seeks an escape route to rejoin his crew, Luffy forms unexpected alliances and confronts new adversaries. Meanwhile, he discovers his brother's impending danger. HancockHancock
Impel Down Arc 422-425, 430-452 Luffy temporarily sets aside his quest to reunite with his crew to prioritize the rescue of his brother, Ace, imprisoned in the underwater facility of Impel Down. With assistance from Boa Hancock, he infiltrates the prison, but achieving his goal and escaping this nightmarish place is a formidable challenge. Alcaide MagellanAlcaide Magellan
Little East Blue Arc (Filler) 426-429 While the Straw Hat Pirates are fishing, a horned beetle attacks them and carries Luffy, Usopp, Sanji, and Zoro to an island. They meet the beetle's owner, Yoko, who dislikes pirates due to her Marine father's death defending the village from pirates. The island's residents recognize the Straw Hats and lead them to "Little East Blue," a replica of East Blue. LargoCortoLargo, Corto
Marineford Arc 459-489 After failing to reach Ace before his transfer, Luffy and his friends break free from Impel Down and head to Marineford, the heart of Marine Headquarters. Facing overwhelming odds, the looming presence of Whitebeard, and the hidden agendas of pirates aiming to topple the Emperor, Luffy fights to stay afloat in this colossal battle of forces. AokijiKizaruAkainuAokiji, Kizaru, Akainu
Post-War Arc 490-516 In the aftermath of the Marineford Summit War, its repercussions reverberate throughout the world, affecting both pirates and Marines. Luffy grieves Ace's loss and reflects on their shared childhood with another brother, Sabo. After accepting Ace's death, Luffy, recognizing that he and his crew aren't yet prepared, collaborates with Rayleigh to devise a strategy for the Straw Hat Pirates to endure in the New World. BluejamBluejam

Fishman Island Saga (517-574)

The Fish-Man Island Saga is the seventh saga of the manga and anime One Piece. This is divided into 2 arcs, 2 canon and 0 non-canon; It has 58 episodes.

Arcos de la saga:

Arcs Episodes Summary Villains
Return to Sabaody Arc 517-522 After two years of being apart, the Straw Hat Pirates regroup on Sabaody Archipelago. On this island, they encounter challenges posed by the Fake Straw Hat Crew and the menacing Pacifista. Demaro BlackDemaro Black
Fish-Man Island Arc 523-574 The Straw Hat Pirates at last reach Fish-Man Island. On the island, they uncover the tale of Fisher Tiger and the persisting animosity between humans and Fish-Men. Meanwhile, the New Fish-Man Pirates hatch a scheme to seize control of Ryugu Kingdom and establish Fish-Men as the dominant race. Hody JonesVander Decken IXHody Jones, Vander Decken IX

Dressrosa Saga (575-746)

The Dressrosa Saga is the eighth saga of the manga and anime One Piece. This is divided into 4 arcs, 2 canon and 2 non-canon; It has 172 episodes.

Arcos de la saga:

Arcs Episodes Summary Villains
Z's Ambition Arc (Filler) 575-578 The Straw Hat Pirates reach the Maubeugemour Sea, a subsection of the New World, and find themselves entangled in a clash with the Neo Marines and regular Marines. ShuzoShuzo
Punk Hazard Arc 579-625 Upon their long-awaited entry into the New World, the Straw Hat Pirates swiftly answer a distress signal from Punk Hazard, where residents report a samurai attacking them. Luffy rushes to the fiery island, pursued closely by Vice Admiral Smoker. On this supposedly desolate and perilous island, the Straw Hats find themselves in conflict with both the G-5 Marines, under Vice Admiral Smoker's command, and the deranged scientist Caesar Clown, whose dangerous experiments must be halted. Caesar ClownCaesar Clown
Caesar Retrieval Arc (Filler) 626-628 In this arc, an enigmatic individual infiltrates the Thousand Sunny and abducts the already-captured Caesar Clown from the Straw Hat Pirates, who are en route to Dressrosa. However, the newly-formed Heart-Hat alliance must recover Caesar to proceed with their plan to confront Donquixote Doflamingo and Kaidou. Retrieving the scientist proves challenging, as the captor possesses extraordinary abilities. BreedBreed
Dressrosa Arc 629-746 The Straw Hat Pirates, joined by Trafalgar Law, Kin'emon, Momonosuke, and the captive Caesar Clown, journey to Dressrosa with the aim of overthrowing the country's ruler, Donquixote Doflamingo, who is also a Warlord of the Sea. Their actions, however, trigger a chain of significant events that intersect unexpectedly with larger geopolitical forces. Donquixote DoflamingoDonquixote Doflamingo

Whole Cake Island Saga (747-889)

The Whole Cake Island Saga, also referred to as the Totto Land Saga, is the ninth saga of the manga and anime One Piece. This is divided into 5 arcs, 3 canon and 2 non-canon; It has 143 episodes.

Arcos de la saga:

Arcs Episodes Summary Villains
Silver Mine Arc (Filler) 747-750 Monkey D. Luffy and Bartolomeo find themselves taken captive by the Silver Pirate Alliance, and they must find a way to break free from a massive fortress located within a colossal silver mine. BillDesireBill, Desire
Zou Arc 751-779 Following their victory over Doflamingo, the Straw Hat Pirates, along with Trafalgar Law, Kin'emon, and Kanjuro, reach Zou with the intent of reuniting with Sanji and their missing crewmates. However, they uncover that Sanji is embroiled in a complex web of personal and political issues, while Zou itself is under attack by Jack of the Beasts Pirates. JackJack
Marine Rookie Arc (Filler) 780-782 Faced with a shortage of provisions during their journey to Whole Cake Island, the Sanji Retrieval Team covertly infiltrates a Marine base with the intention of procuring essential supplies. ProdiGrountProdi, Grount
Whole Cake Island Arc 783-877 Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Brook, along with the minks Pekoms, Pedro, and Carrot, embark on a mission to Whole Cake Island, the domain of Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors. This group, known as the Sanji Retrieval Team, aims to liberate their fellow crew member, Sanji, who is engaged in an arranged marriage with Charlotte Pudding. This marriage serves as a pivotal component of a political alliance between the Charlotte Family and the Vinsmoke Family. However, as they execute their plan, they inadvertently become entangled in a larger conspiracy to assassinate Big Mom herself. Big MomKatakuriBig Mom, Katakuri
Levely Arc 878-889 The Straw Hat Pirates' confrontations with the Big Mom Pirates become widely known across the world. As Luffy's team sets sail for Wano Country, the Revolutionary Army gears up for its next strategic steps. Simultaneously, royalty from various nations convenes for the Levely, unaware of a mysterious figure manipulating global events from behind the scenes. CharlosCharlos

Wano Country Saga (890-?)

The Wano Country Saga is the tenth saga of the manga and anime One Piece. This is divided into 3 arcs, 1 canon and 2 non-canon; It has ? episodes.

Arcos de la saga:

Arcs Episodes Summary Villains
Wano Country Arc 890-894, 897-906, 908-1028, 1031-? The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance assembles in Wano Country, readying themselves for the impending clash with the Beasts Pirates. The past of Kozuki Oden and his connections to Wano, Whitebeard, and Gol D. Roger are unveiled. The Alliance launches an assault on Onigashima to confront the combined forces of Kaidou and Big Mom. The outcome of this battle, along with events occurring during the recent Levely, instigates significant shifts in the world's dynamics. KaidoKaidoKaido, Kurozumi Orochi
Cidre Guild Arc (Filler) 895-896 This special episode connects with the movie "One Piece: Stampede." During a quest to purchase cola for the Thousand Sunny, Luffy joins forces with Boa Hancock to combat the bounty hunting group known as the Cidre Guild. CidreCidre
Uta's Past Arc (Filler) 1029-1030 In the present, the Straw Hat Pirates were sailing on the Thousand Sunny, listening to Uta's song New Genesis on a Tone Dial. Meanwhile, Uta was standing alone on an island, determined to fulfill her dream of performing a concert for the entire world. -

How many arcs are in One Piece?

If we talk about anime, One Piece has 10 great sagas divided into 47 arcs, of this amount, 16 arcs are filler or also called exclusive to the anime. As for the manga, it has 11 sagas divided into 32 arcs, these were written entirely by Eichiro Oda, author of One Piece.

How many arcs are remaining in One Piece?

After the Wano Country Saga, the manga entered the final part of the One Piece story, this was titled 'Final Saga', whose first and only arc so far is 'Egghead Arc', this arc also known as the Future Island Arc starts from chapter 1058 of the manga.