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How To Watch One Piece in Order: Movies and Specials

One Piece has 15 movies and 13 specials, all of which are considered extra material for the anime, so they do not affect the story told by the manga.

How to Watch One Piece in Order

Therefore, both the movies and specials are not necessary to watch to understand the plot, so feel free to only watch the anime if you wish since only this one was adapted from the manga.

But if you want to watch the movies and ovas in chronological order, to enjoy all the available content of the series, in the following list I show you how to do it in order, explaining which are remakes or summaries of some One Piece arcs:

How To Watch One Piece In Order with Movies?

Movies / Specials Order Summary Cover
Movie 1: One Piece: The Movie After episode 18 After a run-in with thieves, the Straw Hat Pirates clash with Eldoraggo, a pirate obsessed with gold. Eldoraggo seeks Captain Woonan's legendary treasure hidden on a mysterious island. Assisted by an old vendor and his grandson, the Straw Hats must defeat Eldoraggo and unveil Woonan's treasure's secrets. One Piece Movie 1
Special 1: Luffy Falls! Adventure in the Uncharted Ocean's Navel After episode 45 The Straw Hat Pirates chance upon a massive chasm beneath the sea's surface, leading to a enigmatic island called the "Ocean's Navel." Determined, they decide to embark on a quest to locate the island's rumored treasure, said to have the power to fulfill any desire. One Piece Special 1
Movie 2: Clockwork Island Adventure After episode 53 Chasing their stolen Going Merry, the Straw Hat Pirates team up with the Thief Brothers, a duo of unlikely criminals, in their quest to reach the enigmatic Clockwork Island, a place both fascinating and perilous. A fierce conflict unfolds as they clash with the ruling pirate group on the island, led by the oppressive Captain Bear King, who not only seeks to dominate the oceans with a formidable superweapon but also desires Nami as his bride, employing any means necessary. One Piece Movie 2
Movie 3: Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals After episode 102 The Straw Hat Pirates search for a treasure on Crown Island, inhabited by intelligent animals. Tony Tony Chopper becomes the island's King of Beasts, admired by the locals, including a pirate-hating boy, Mobambi. They face Count Battler, a ruthless invader seeking the treasure violently. Chopper, Mobambi, and the Straw Hat Pirates unite to protect the island's riches, challenging Chopper's loyalty to both the island and his crew. One Piece Movie 3
Movie 4: Dead End Adventure After episode 130 In need of money, the Straw Hat Pirates participate in a clandestine pirate crew contest called the Dead End Competition. In this event, they face formidable adversaries, such as Captain Gasparde, a former Marine turned pirate, and a relentless bounty hunter determined to eliminate him. One Piece Movie 4
Special 2: Open Upon the Great Sea! A Father's Huge, HUGE Dream! After episode 138 On Pirate Zap's ship, Bonney and Maccus want to escape poverty. Three captive kids, led by Amanda, who knows a treasure's location, strike a deal. They meet Luffy's crew on an island but are captured by the treasure-hunting Bayan Pirates. Luffy and friends must now retrieve the treasure for Amanda's family. One Piece Special 2
Movie 5: The Cursed Holy Sword After episode 143 On Asuka Island, the Straw Hat Pirates learn of the Shichiseiken, a cursed but valuable sword. Zoro goes missing, and they face a Marine attack. They find a village guarding the sword. Zoro, now with the Marines, attacks the village to free the sword. The mystery unfolds on the night of the red moon, revealing Zoro's motives and the sword's secrets. One Piece Movie 5
Special 3: Protect! The Last Great Performance After episode 219 Ex-Marine Lieutenant Randolph stages plays on his ship to inspire those affected by pirates. Luffy's crew attends his farewell performance. A vengeful subordinate, now a commander, aims to capture Randolph. Luffy and his crew defend Randolph's play, showcasing not all pirates are evil, against the bitter commander. One Piece Special 3
Movie 6: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island After episode 224 The Straw Hat Pirates receive an enticing invitation to visit Omatsuri Island, an island resort, seeking a break from their adventurous journeys and a chance to relax. However, upon their arrival, they are deceived into engaging in absurd contests orchestrated by the island's Baron. The Baron and the island's inhabitants appear peculiar, and as the games commence, the crew's unity begins to deteriorate. One Piece Movie 6
Movie 7: Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle After episode 228 The Straw Hat Pirates find an unexpected passenger, an elderly woman, inside a treasure chest recovered from a sinking ship. To earn a reward, they agree to escort her to Mecha Island, lured by the promise of the legendary Golden Crown. On the island filled with remarkable inventions, they must solve riddles and rely on Luffy's intuition to uncover the mysteries of Mecha Island and its coveted treasure. One Piece Movie 7
Special 4: The Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw Hat Luffy After episode 228 Unlike the other specials, this story takes place in an alternate reality version of 19th century Japan, an alternate version of The Grand Line as opposed to simply being hour-long filler episodes. One Piece Special 4
Movie 10: One Piece Film: Strong World After episode 429 The Straw Hat Pirates learn of a crisis in East Blue and decide to return home. However, their journey is interrupted when the notorious pirate Golden Lion Shiki kidnaps Nami. Shiki, known for escaping Impel Down and being a legendary pirate, sends the crew to his floating islands, where they face terrifying creatures in a battle for survival. The crew must reunite and confront Shiki to protect their hometowns in East Blue. Available on Netflix. One Piece Movie 8
Special: One Piece Film Strong World: Episode 0 After episode 429 Taking place more than two decades before the primary One Piece storyline, this special OVA delves into the clash between Gold Lion Shiki and Gold Roger, along with various other global events that occurred during the period leading up to the Pirate King's execution. One Piece Film Strong World: Episode 0
Movie 11: Straw Hat Chase After episode 489 The entire Straw Hat crew initiates a quest to locate Luffy's cherished straw hat, which mysteriously disappears while he is asleep. Concurrently, while exploring an apparently deserted ship, Usopp and Chopper stumble upon an ailing pirate whom they decide to nurse back to health aboard the Thousand Sunny. When they spot a bird clutching Luffy's hat, the crew embarks on a pursuit, facing unexpected obstacles including the sudden appearance of Marines and Sea Kings. One Piece Movie 11
Special: 3D2Y: Overcome Ace’s Death! Luffy’s Vow to his Friends After episode 102 In this special episode set during the two-year gap before the Straw Hat Pirates' reunion, Luffy is training on Rusukaina Island to become stronger for the New World. However, Hancock's sisters, Marigold and Sandersonia, are kidnapped by Byrnndi World, a notorious pirate who escaped from Impel Down Level 6 during Blackbeard's attack. Byrnndi World plans to use the sisters as leverage against Hancock due to her Shichibukai status. In response, Luffy and Hancock team up to confront Byrnndi World and rescue the kidnapped sisters. Available on Netflix. One Piece: 3D2Y
Special: One Piece Film Z: Glorious Island After episode 578 In this brief episode, the crew engages in playful activities aboard the Thousand Sunny, eventually culminating in a lively celebration. Their carefree moments are interrupted when they encounter Z in the ocean, setting the stage for the events of the Film Z. One Piece Film Z: Glorious Island
Movie 12: One Piece Film: Z After episode 578 The "Dyna Stones," believed to rival the Ancient Weapons, are stolen, and the formidable ex-Marine Admiral known as "Z" is the culprit. He becomes a formidable adversary for the Straw Hat Pirates. In response to the conspiracy that jeopardizes the New World's stability, the Marine Headquarters takes action, leading to an encounter between Kuzan and the Straw Hat Pirates. Finally, Luffy and his crew prepare to confront Z and his immense power, as they take a determined stance against this looming threat. Available on Netflix. One Piece Movie 12
Special: Adventure of Nebulandia After episode 578 The special features the Straw Hat Pirates once more facing off against Foxy in the New World, specifically on Mushroom Island. However, this initial encounter leads to a larger conflict against the Marines on an island named Nebulandia, which possesses the unique ability to neutralize Devil Fruit powers. Available on Netflix. One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia
Special: Heart of Gold After episode 750 In this adventure, Olga possesses knowledge of the valuable Pure Gold, sought by the World Government and Mad Treasure. She joins the Straw Hat Pirates in their quest to find it on the lost island of Alchemi inside the Giant Footballfish Bonbori. After a series of events and battles, they confront Mad Treasure, who seeks to exploit the Pure Gold. Available on Netflix. One Piece: Heart of Gold
Special: One Piece Film: Gold Episode 0 After episode 750 While en route to Gran Tesoro, the Straw Hat Pirates engage in leisure activities, including a barbecue and a variety of sports. Nami, Robin, Chopper, and Franky partake in a game of volleyball, while Luffy, Usopp, and Franky indulge in sumo wrestling matches. One Piece Film: Gold Episode 0
Movie 13: One Piece Film: Gold After episode 750 Set in Gran Tesoro, a self-governing nation under the World Government's radar, this story revolves around the Straw Hat Pirates' encounter with the wealthy ruler, Gild Tesoro. He easily manipulates pirates, Marines, and even the World Government with his riches. Gild Tesoro harbors boundless ambitions that threaten to disrupt the New World's power dynamics. As the Straw Hat Pirates navigate this world of opulence and intrigue, they become embroiled in a high-stakes battle against Tesoro's wealth and influence. Available on Netflix. One Piece Movie 13
Movie 14: One Piece: Stampede After episode 896 The film unfolds during the Pirates Festival, an event designed by pirates, meant exclusively for pirates. During this festival, pirates from around the globe, including some of the most notorious ones, gather for a grand treasure hunt in search of a lost fortune. Notably, this time, the treasure in question once belonged to the legendary Gold Roger himself!. Available on Crunchyroll. One Piece Movie 14
Movie 15: One Piece Film: Red After episode 1030 The narrative unfolds on the "Island of Music" Elegia, where Uta, the renowned diva, holds her inaugural live concert, making her identity known to the world. People from all corners of the globe, including the Straw Hats, pirates, Marines, and devoted fans, converge to relish Uta's mesmerizing voice, often characterized as ethereal. Yet, the event takes an unexpected turn when it's revealed that Uta is the offspring of none other than Shanks. Available on Crunchyroll. One Piece Movie 2

NOTE: There are other one piece movies and specials, but they are not necessary to watch, since they are summaries or remakes of one piece arcs. They are the following:

Specials / Movies Summary Descripción Cover
Special: Episode of Nami Summarize episodes 31 to 45 As an abridged version of the Arlong Arc, this special follows the same general plot. Nami departs from the crew after the Baratie Arc to return to her village. Luffy and the crew decide to pursue her and uncover that she is collaborating with a perilous Fish-Man pirate known as Arlong. The special is a flashback of Nami while the crew was heading to Fishman Island, which is why it aired after episode 560. One Piece Special: Episode of Nam
Special: Episode of East Blue Summarize episodes 1 to 53 This is an abridged retelling of the initial character development of the first five Straw Hat Pirates during the East Blue Saga. As the Straw Hat Pirates get ready to depart from East Blue and venture into the Grand Line, each of them reflects on their journey up to this point and renews their commitment to their dreams. Available on Netflix. One Piece Special: Episode Of East Blue
Movie 8: Episode of Arabasta Summarize episodes 92 to 130 It is an abridged movie retelling of the Arabasta Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates visit Arabasta, a desert island ruled by Nefertari Vivi's father, Cobra. They uncover a revolution orchestrated by Crocodile, who uses his organization, Baroque Works, to seize power and unveil the nation's hidden secret. Available on Netflix. One Piece Movie 8: Episode of Arabasta
Special: Episode of Sky Island Summarize episodes 144 to 195 An abridged and lightly edited recount of the Sky Island Saga, encompassing the Jaya and Skypiea Arcs. The Straw Hat Pirates journey to Skypiea, an ethereal island in the sky on the Grand Line. Where they must rescue the land from the oppressive deity Enel. Available on Netflix. One Piece Special: Episode of Sky Island
Movie 9: Episode of Chopper Plus Summarize episodes 78 to 91 This film, is a remake of the Drum Island Arc (essentially a "what if" story). It features Franky, Nico Robin, and the Thousand Sunny, who were not present in the original version. Also appearing is Wapol's older brother, Musshuru, who had been exiled and seeks revenge. Available on Netflix. One Piece Movie 9: Episode of Chopper Plus
Special: Episode of Luffy Summarize episodes 1 and 4 Amidst a battle against Marine warships, the Straw Hat Pirates employ an emergency Coup de Burst to evade a massive cannonball attack. They crash-land on a nearby island, opting to explore as Franky repairs the ship. In a local town, they uncover its history and inhabitants, with Luffy befriending a wax sculptor. One Piece Special: Episode of Luffy
Special: Episode of Merry Summarize episodes 229 to 311 The special follows the Straw Hat Crew's initial ship, the Going Merry, which has been reimagined with fresh animation. It presents a condensed narrative of the Water 7 and Enies Lobby arcs, including events such as Luffy and Usopp's fight, Robin's vanishing act, the crew's confrontation with CP9 to rescue Robin, and their ultimate farewell to the ship. One Piece Special: Episode of Merry
Special: Episode of Sabo - While exploring Dressrosa, Sabo reminisces about his childhood with Luffy and Ace. Simultaneously, Luffy joins the Corrida Colosseum tournament in hopes of obtaining his deceased brother's Devil Fruit. They reunite after 12 years, and Sabo consumes the Mera Mera no Mi while Doflamingo's control over the island crumbles. One Piece Special: Episode of Sabo

What One Piece movies are canon?

Most movies are not considered canon, but there are some that could come close to this term, because the author had participation in said material, either supervising or writing the script. We talked about the movies: One Piece Film: Strong World, One Piece Film: Z, One Piece Film: Gold, and One Piece: Stampede.

Despite being considered canon, these movies have some contradictions and inconsistencies because they were not in Eiichiro Oda's plans and were created when the plot of the story was already defined, being created to expand the anime franchise.

Are One Piece movies necessary to watch?

Although some One Piece movies were written by Eiichiro Oda, these do not affect the main story and will not be mentioned in the manga, they are considered extra material and are not necessary to watch.

Is it necessary to watch One Piece in order?

It is not necessary to watch the One Piece movies, since these are not canon, they will not be mentioned or remembered in the manga or anime story. There is only a discussion about the movie 'One Piece Film: Strong World' and the special '3D2Y', in which the author participated, but if you skip them it doesn't affect the plot either.

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