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What chapter of the manga is Bleach anime on? – Conversion

The last episode of the anime, 392 (26 from Thousand-year Blood War), adapts chapter 604 chapter 605, chapter 606, chapter 607, chapter 608 and chapter 609 from page 1 to 13. Then the story would continue on page 14 of chapter 609, this is the chapter of the manga that you have to read after the anime, it corresponds to Volume 67 that collects the chapters 602 to 611.

The last arc of the Bleach manga is currently being adapted, this after the anime stopped at episode 366, but in 2022 the broadcast of Tite Kubo's work would return, after a wait of more than 10 years. If you decide to start reading the manga, 77 chapters would await you.

What chapter of the manga is Bleach anime on

The last chapter of the manga is 686, and the last volume is 74 that compiles the chapters from 675 to 686, this in case you want to buy the corresponding manga volume.

Bleach Episode to Chapter Conversion

To conclude, in this table, I will summarize the equivalence between anime and manga:



Chapter 604, 605, 606, 607, 608 and 609 (p. 1-13)

Volume 67 (chaps. 602-611)

The anime is currently airing with a new episode premiering every Saturday morning, with the exception of Japanese holidays. The manga is finished and you can read it for free through Manga Plus.