Darling in the FranXX Filler List and Watch Order

Darling in the FranXX abbreviated as DarliFra is a Japanese anime series, it has 24 episodes divided into 1 season, with 0 filler episode, the anime also has a 60-chapter manga.

  • Rating: 3.7/5 ( votes).
  • Written by: Atsushi Nishigori, Naotaka Hayashi
  • Directed by: Atsushi Nishigori
  • Produced by: Yōsuke Toba, Mikio Uetsuki and Eiichi Kamagata
  • Original network: Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, ABC, Mētele, HOME.
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures, Trigger, CloverWorks
  • Licensed by: Crunchyroll, Funimation
  • Original run: January 13, 2018 – July 7, 2018
  • Music by: Asami Tachibana
Score MAL: 7.2/10 1,007,452 votes.
IMDb Rating: 7.3/10 13,264 votes.

In a distant era, humanity teeters on the brink of annihilation due to colossal creatures known as Klaxosaurs, compelling the surviving populace to seek sanctuary within colossal fortress cities named Plantations. Here, youngsters are groomed to command immense mechas dubbed FranXX, the only known countermeasure against the Klaxosaurs, operating in male-female pairs. Bred solely for this purpose, these youths are ignorant of the world beyond their confines, finding purpose solely in defending their species.

Hiro, harboring aspirations of becoming a FranXX pilot, finds himself disillusioned and lacking in self-assurance following an unsuccessful aptitude assessment. Shunning his class' graduation ceremony, Hiro withdraws to a serene forest lake, where he encounters an enigmatic girl sporting two horns protruding from her head. Identifying herself by the moniker Zero Two, associated with a notorious FranXX pilot dubbed the "Partner Killer," she crosses paths with Hiro. Before Hiro can process this peculiar encounter, the tranquility is shattered by a sudden Klaxosaur assault on the Plantation. Zero Two leaps into action with her FranXX, but the skirmish leaves her mecha heavily damaged, crashing near Hiro's location. Discovering her partner lifeless, Zero Two implores Hiro to join her in piloting the mecha, and together they effortlessly vanquish the Klaxosaur in the ensuing battle. With a newfound ally at his side, Hiro finds himself presented with an opportunity for redemption from his past setbacks, yet the path ahead is fraught with uncertainties and potential sacrifices.

Darling in the FranXX Filler Episodes List

In this list I will mark you the filler episodes of Darling in the FranXX (if it had them), the extra material of the anime, either ovas or movies will be located in Chronological Order, and finally I will mention in which chapter of the manga the anime ends or in which chapter of the manga to start reading after the anime.


The first season has 24 episodes, the opening used is Kiss of Death (1-24); the endings used are Torikago (1-6), Manatsu no Setsuna (7), Beautiful World (8-24).

  • 01. "Alone and Lonesome"
  • 02. "What It Means to Connect
  • 03. "Fighting Puppet
  • 04. "Flap-Flap"
  • 05. "Your Thorn, My Badge"
  • 06. "Darling in the Franxx"
  • 07. "Shooting Star Moratorium"
  • 08. "Boys ✕ Girls"
  • 09. "Triangle Bomb"
  • 10. "The City of Eternity"
  • 11. "Partner Shuffle"
  • 12. "GARDEN/Garden of Beginnings"
  • 13. "The Beast and the Prince"
  • 14. "Punishment and Confession"
  • 15. "Jian"
  • 16. "Days of Our Lives"
  • 17. "Eden"
  • 18. "When the Sakura Blooms"
  • 19. "Inhumanity"
  • 20. "The New World"
  • 21. "For You, My Love"
  • 22. "Stargazers"
  • 23. "DARLING in the FRANXX"
  • 24. "Never Let Me Go"