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Akatsuki no Yona Filler List and Order to Watch

Akatsuki no Yona or Yona of the Dawn, is an anime that has 24 episodes divided into 1 season, with 0 filler episodes and its percentage is 0%. The anime adapted up to chapter 47 of the manga (this has 251 chapters, being published)

  • Rating: 4.0/5 ( votes).
  • Written by: Mizuho Kusanagi
  • Published by: Hakusensha
  • Magazine: Hana to Yume
  • Original run (manga): August 5, 2009 – present
  • Studio: Pierrot
  • Directed by: Kazuhiro Yoneda
  • Music by: Kunihiko Ryo
  • Original run (anime): October 7, 2014 – March 24, 2015
Score MAL: 8.0/10 410,177 votes.
IMDb Rating: 8.0/10 4,825 votes.

The kingdom of Kouka enjoys the presence of a lovely princess named Yona, whose childlike innocence captivates all those who encounter her. Raised in the protective confines of the royal palace, Yona has been shielded from any potential harm. However, every idyllic situation must eventually face disruption.

Yona's utopian world shatters when a grave act of treason jeopardizes everything dear to her, including her rightful position as the princess of Kouka. With only her childhood friend and devoted bodyguard, Son Hak, as a trusted ally, she is compelled to escape the palace. Confronted with the challenges of survival in the wilderness and a constant threat on her life, Yona comes to the realization that her once-secure kingdom is now fraught with danger.

Freed from the illusions of innocence, Yona pledges to acquire the strength needed to vanquish her adversaries. Alongside Hak, she embarks on a quest to unravel an ancient legend, a potential key to reclaiming her kingdom from those who conspired to snatch it away.

Akatsuki no Yona Filler Episodes List

The list will mark the filler episodes of Akatsuki no Yona (if any) and so that you can watch the anime in order, the extra material, whether ovas or movies, will be located according to their chronology. At the end, I will mention to you which chapter of the manga the anime ends and where to start reading the manga after the anime.


The first season has 24 episodes, the openings used are Akatsuki no Yona (1-14), Akatsuki no Hana (15-24); the endings used are Yoru (1-14), Akatsuki (15-24).

  • 01. "The Princess Yona"
  • 02. "Broken Bond"
  • 03. "Faraway Sky"
  • 04. "The Wind Clan"
  • 05. "Roar"
  • 06. "The Crimson Hair"
  • 07. "Fate"
  • 08. "The Chosen Door"
  • 09. "Wavering Determination"
  • 10. "Yearn"
  • 11. "The Dragon's Claws"
  • 12. "The Blindfolded Dragon"
  • 13. "The Rippling Fear"
  • 14. "Light"
  • 15. "To a New Land"
  • 16. "Pretend-War"
  • 17. "Pirate of Awa"
  • 18. "Ties"
  • 19. "Trial of the Cheonsu Plant"
  • 20. "Chain of Courage"
  • 21. "Spark"
  • 22. "History Is Made at Night"
  • 23. "Morning of Pledges"
  • 24. "From Here On"
  • <--------- OVA 1: On That Back (*) -------->
  • <--------- OVA 2: The Yellow Dragon Zeno's Past, Part 1: The Starting Dragon (**) -------->
  • <--------- OVA 3: The Yellow Dragon Zeno's Past, Part 2: A Red Star Rises (**) -------->

Where to start Akatsuki no Yona manga after anime?

Last Episode Corresponds to: We started reading from:

The last episode that aired is 12 of Season 1 corresponding to Chapter 42, 43 and 47 of the manga, which is where the anime leave off.

(*) OVA 1 adapts the extra chapter of volume 12.

(**) OVA 2 and 3 adapt chapters 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105 of the manga.

(*)(**) The OVAs can be grouped under the title 'Akatsuki no Yona: Sono Se niwa'.


If you want to continue the story of the manga after the anime, start reading from Chapter 48 of the manga, this corresponds to Volume 9 (this compiles chapters 48 to 53).