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Vinland Saga Filler List and Chronological Order

Vinland Saga , is a manga created by the mangaka Makoto Yukimura  and illustrated by  himself, beginning to be published from April  13, 2005  through  Shonen Magazine (April - October 2005) and  Afternoon (December 2005 - present )  by the Kodansha publishing house , with a total of 22 volumes, currently still in publication. The anime adaptation began airing on July 7, 2019  on the  NHK General TV network  and was in charge of the Wit Studio , under the direction of Shuhei Yabuta , with 24 episodes:Season 1 (24 episodes) , the anime is currently broadcast.

This series was licensed by  Selecta Vision  (Spain) , Amazon Video  (Canada & the United States) , Crunchyroll  (Latin America)

Episodes Vinland Saga |  Filling |  Chronological order

Fifteen years ago, the Viking commander, Thors Snorresson , abandoned a sea battle and began a peaceful life in Iceland with his wife Helga . Now, in the year 1002, her young son, Thorfinn , longs to see the paradise called Vinland . However, the Viking Floki He arrives in Thorfinn's village planning to murder the boy's father Thors, who is revealed to be a former Jomsviking. After his father's death, Thorfinn joins Askeladd's crew to avenge his father and constantly challenges his commander to various duels. By 1013, Askeladd's company found employment as mercenaries in the Danish invasion of London under Thorkell the Upper.

See Vinland Saga without filler

To make it easier for you to watch Vinland Saga without filler , I show you the list with the chapters to avoid or skip, so you don't waste your time on pointless chapters or just get bored with filler episodes that don't add anything to the original story. In this list of chapters of Vinland Saga without filler you will also be able to appreciate the chronological order (this so that you know the order that you must see the chapters, ova or movies) , likewise this guide is divided into sagas, arcs or seasons and each chapter with its respective name to make it easier for you to locate that episode you wanted to see again, whether you watch it on Netflix or Crunchyroll. And if this were not enough, if you just saw the anime in the final part of this article you can continue in the manga chapter that this one stayed.


The opening cover is  MUKANJYO (1-12) and Dark Crow (13-24)  And the ending is  Torches (1-12) and Drown (13-24) .

  • 01. "Somewhere Not Here"
  • 02. "Sword"
  • 03. "Troll"
  • 04. "A True Warrior"
  • 05. "The Troll's Son"  Ylva Gaiden
  • 06. "The Journey Begins"
  • 07. "Normanni"
  • 08. "Beyond The Edge of The Sea"
  • 09. "The Battle of London Bridge"
  • 10. "Ragnarok"
  • 11. "A Gamble"
  • 12. "The Land on The Far Bank"
  • 13. "Child of a Hero"
  • 14. "The Light of Dawn"
  • 15. "After Yule"
  • 16. "History of Beasts"
  • 17. "Servant"
  • 18. "Out of The Cradle"
  • 19. "United Front"
  • 20. "Crown"
  • 21. "Reunion"
  • 22. "Lone Wolf"
  • 23. "Miscalculation"
  • 24. "End of the Prologue"

What chapter of the manga is Vinland Saga anime on?

Last Episode Corresponds to:»We started reading from:
The last episode that aired is the 24th of Season 1, which corresponds to Chapters 52, 53 and 54 of the "Vinland Saga" manga..
So if we want to continue the anime where it left off, we must start reading from Chapter 55 of the manga, this corresponds to Volume 8 (contains chapters 50 to 56).