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Hokuto no Ken (the English name is Fist of the North Star  and Spanish,  Fist of the Star of the North ), is an anime created by the mangaka  Buronson  and illustrated by Tetsuo Hara , beginning itself to be published since  the year  1983  through of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine  by the publisher Shueisha , with a total of 27 volumes, culminating the publication in 1988 . The anime adaptation began airing on October 11, 1984  on the  Fuji TV network  and was in charge of the Toei Animation studio. , directed by Toyoo Ashida , with 152 episodes:  Hokuto no Ken (109 episodes),  Hokuto no Ken  2 (43 episodes ) , culminating part 2 on February 18, 1988 .

 This series was licensed by  Madman Entertainment  (Australia) , Discotek Media  (Canada & the United States) , Manga Entertainment (United Kingdom) , Manga Films  (Spain) . 

Hokuto no Ken episodes |  Filler |  Chronological order

A world nuclear war sometime in the 1990s has resulted in the destruction of most of civilization, turning the world into a desert desert. The remnants of humanity fight for any food supply and uncontaminated water that still remains a strong prey for the weak. Kenshiro is the successor to Hokuto Shinken , an ancient art of murder that trains its practitioners to kill from within an opponent's body by using hidden meridian points. Kenshiro wishes to live his life in peace, but after being separated from his fiance YuriaFor a jealous rival, he begins his journey to become the savior of the post-apocalyptic world, defending the weak and innocent from the many gangs and organizations that threaten his survival. Along the way, Kenshiro meets a young thief named Bat and an orphan girl named Lin, who join him as his traveling companions and witness Ken's numerous battles.

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To make it easier for you to watch Hokuto no Ken without filler , I show you the list with the chapters you should avoid or skip, so you don't waste your time on meaningless chapters or just get bored with filler episodes that don't contribute anything to the original story. . In this list of chapters of Hokuto no Ken Online without Filler you will also be able to appreciate the chronological order (this so that you know the order that you should see the chapters, ova or movies) , likewise this guide is divided into sagas, arcs or seasons and each chapter with its respective name to make it easier for you to locate that episode that you wanted to see again, whether you watch it on Netflix or Crunchyroll .

Chronological order

SEASON 1: Hokuto no Ken

The opening opening is  Ai wo Torimodose (1-22)  and the ending is  Yuria ... Eien ni (1-22) .

  • 001. "Is he a god or a demon !? The most powerful man appears in hell."
  • 002. "The devastating blow Zankaiken !! Tomorrow is sighted in the arid desert !!"
  • 003. "A lone fist burns in a city without light! The explosive Goshiretsudan."
  • 004. "Attack the Bloody Cross !! Secret Technique, Jūhazan"
  • 005. "The flames of love can burn in hell. You are already dead !!"
  • 006. "Demon Capture Order Find the man with the seven scars!"
  • 007. "Villains! We will have a countdown to death"
  • 008. "Hit the secret pressure point! There will be no requiem for the villains"
  • 009. "Villains! Say your prayers before you die !!"  *Filler
  • 010. "Rekka gyakuryū ken! Too many must die !!"  *Filler
  • 011. "Villains! Listen to the blues of hell !!"
  • 012. "I am a god of death !! I will chase you deep into hell !!"
  • 013. "King Arhat Deva's blow! When he is released, nothing can stop him !!"
  • 014. "It's a miserable era! Good people die young !!"  *Filler
  • 015. "Count to three! You are the one who is going to die !!"  *Filler
  • 016. "Try to sing villains! The melodic countdown to hell !!"  *Filler
  • 017. "The fight makes the man! The doors of the battle open !!"  *Filler
  • 018. "Life or death !? At the end of the desert is the antechamber of hell!"  *Filler
  • 019. "Villains! Ready for your ticket to hell!"  *Filler
  • 020. "Large-scale nightmare warfare! My blows charge a million volts !!"  *Filler
  • 021. "The palace of burning evil! Shin! There is only one step left to reach you !!"  *Filler
  • 022. "End of the first part. Yuria forever ... Also Shin!"

SEASON 2: The situation of the rivals

The opening opening is  Ai wo Torimodose (23-57)  and the ending is  Yuria ... Eien ni (23-57) .

  • 023. "Part 2: Saga of the situation of the rivals. Are only battles waiting for me ?!"
  • 024. "Nanto Suichōken! The tragedy of powerful men begins!"
  • 025. "Those who harbor deep sins! They are called the Kiba Clan!"
  • 027. "Only villains can laugh! How I hate this age!"
  • 028. "Rei! I will wipe your tears away with my fists!"
  • 029. "Too late to beg for your life! Go to hell, Great King Kiba!"
  • 030. "Fate sneaks up! Jagi, who are you?"
  • 031. "The Infernal Iron Mask! The One Who Terrifies in the Name of the North Star!"
  • 032. "The 4 Bullets of the Fist of Wrath! Jagi, wait in hell!"
  • 033. "This is the town of miracles! A fallen angel descends!"
  • 034. "Toki! Are you an angel or a devil ?!"
  • 035. "The evil one! Toki, your heart is rotten!"
  • 036. "I have no past to tell! Only my hatred for evil will bring Toki down!"
  • 037. "Take the risk of rejecting love! So you will carry the evil star that summons death ...!"
  • 038. "The Ranzan kōken! A sad woman is born in this age!"  *Filler
  • 039. "A ruthless legend! The Cassandra door has been opened!"
  • 040. "Villains don't need an epitaph on their grave! Here's Cassandra from hell!"
  • 041. "The 2000-year tragedy of the fist of the North Star! Ken'ō's footsteps are heard!"  *Filler
  • 042. "End of the century without tomorrow! Ken, they are waiting for you!"
  • 043. "Cassandra has fallen! The legend of the north star has been rewritten!"
  • 044. "The star that portends death shines! Ken'ō, do you also command death ?!"
  • 045. "He who fears the god of death! Hear the cry of Rin's warm heart!"
  • 046. "They call you from hell! Rei, can you see the star that portends death ?!"
  • 047. "The Naich suichōken dance of death! I will sacrifice my life for love!"
  • 048. "Explosive Secret Technique! The fate of the two brothers of the North Star overcomes hatred!"
  • 049. "Raoh VS Ken, the battle between the most powerful in history! You will be the one to die!"
  • 050. "Sentenced to death within 72 hours! The star that portends death drags Rei!"
  • 051. "A fate without tomorrow! Still, women believe in love!"
  • 052. "Yuda, the one with the 6 sacred fists of the south star! I am more beautiful than any!"
  • 053. "The star that portends death is coming! Rei, the sky plays cruelly with time!"
  • 054. "Beloved Mamiya! The star that augurs death hides in the brightness of your pupils!
  • 055. "You are going to die Rei! A man has not been as beautiful as before!"
  • 056. "Rei VS Yuda, the beautiful warriors! Tears are unnecessary at the end of a man's path!"
  • 057. "End of Part 2: Goodbye Rei! The time will come to tell the story of a hero"

SEASON 3: The Conqueror of this troubled age

The opening opening is  Ai wo Torimodose (58-82)  and the ending is  Yuria ... Eien ni (58-82) .

  • 058. "Beginning of Third Chapter: Part of the Conqueror of this Troubled Age! When the South Star falls out of order the North Star appears!"
  • 059. "The star of darkness that covers the sky! The time of deadly battles begins to move !!"
  • 060. "Shū of the Fist of the White Heron of the South Star! What are you looking at this end of the century"
  • 061. "Love on the battlefield! Could this era turn love away !!"
  • 062. "I am the Holy Emperor, Souther! Love and feelings are forbidden !!"
  • 063. "The brave little one who faces destiny! The cry of his soul moves the sky !!"
  • 064. "Bloody fight, Shū vs Souther! Love is drowning in the tears of the Star of Benevolence !!"
  • 065. "The mausoleum of the cross of blood! Shū! I will keep your tears in my heart !!"
  • 066. "Run Kenshiro! Another friend is going to die !!"
  • 067. "Encounter between opposing stars, Ken vs. Souther! Only my star can protect the sky !!"
  • 068. "Souther, the sad holy emperor! You are tired of love !!"
  • 069. "The strongest era of the north star! The fate of the 3 brothers begins to move !!"
  • 070. "Another fist of the north star! Bury Raō in darkness !!"
  • 071. "The secret of birth has been revealed! Heaven wishes tragedy !!"
  • 072. "Goodbye Toki! A man can cry only once !!"
  • 073. "Ryūga, the man of the celestial wolf star! I will take the rainbow in these turbulent times !!"
  • 074. "The wolf that runs to the horizon The end of love and hate !!"
  • 075. "Excuse me sister! Fighting the north star is my destiny !!"
  • 076. "The iron strike against the howling wolf. Now, toki is in danger"
  • 077. "End of the third part The awakening of a new era! The howling of the wolf reaches to the sky !!"
  • 078. "Shin from the divine fist of the south star! You bet your life on unrequited love !!"
  • 079. "Rei of the Fist of the South Star Waterfowl! The man who died for a friend !!"  *Filler
  • 080. "Yuda of the Fist of the Crimson Crane of the South Star! That beautiful smile brought tragedies !!"  *Filler
  • 081. "Shū of the South Star White Heron Fist! Heaven has given you a sad fate !!"  *Filler
  • 082. "Souther, the Holy Emperor! You must remember the deep love you carry in your heart !!"  *Filler

SEASON 4: Last Chapter

The opening opening is  Silent Survivor (83-109)  and the ending is  Dry Your Tears (83-109) .

  • 083. "Part Four: Last Chapter Raō must die! The legend changes to terror !!"
  • 084. "Counter Attack of the South Star! Army of the Wind, protect the last general !!"
  • 085. "Prologue to a fight to the death! The cry of Hyūi, the man of the wind, echoes in the sky !!"
  • 086. "Burning crimson army Shuren cries tears of fire !!"
  • 087. "Danger, Five Stars of the Chariot! Finally, Raō goes through the destruction of fire !!"
  • 088. "The five stars of the chariot are approaching Kenshirō! Fudō, who is you?"
  • 089. "Announcement emerges in the wind! Ken, fate awaits in the southern capital!"
  • 090. "I am Jūza of the cloud! I entrust my body to the stream of time !!"
  • 091. "As always the cloud does not move! The masked general finally shows his face !!"
  • 092. "Jūza of the cloud is reborn! I am not afraid of Raō !!"
  • 093. "Confrontation, Jūza vs. Raō! Now the legend of the invincible is over !!"
  • 094. "Fudō's desperate battle! Hurry Ken, a man does not abandon his friends !!"
  • 096. "Juza falls! I will use my life to protect the woman I love !!"
  • 097. "Goodbye Yuria! A strong man does not speak of love when he is dying"
  • 098. "Tremble, the capital of the southern star! Finally the hokuto brothers arrive !!"  *Filler
  • 099. "Sadness of the five stars of the car! You are the woman who brings love and destiny !!"
  • 100. "Last secret technique! Musō Tensei! Raō, you've finally been cornered !!"
  • 102. "The giant Raō can be puzzled! I don't believe in love and that !!"
  • 103. "Demon's challenging condition! Fudō, for the loved one you will become an ogre !!"
  • 104. "Brave calm Fudō! That tear evokes a red-hot heart !!"
  • 105. "I will protect the star from the protective mother of the south star! Even though the life of the five stars of the chariot ends !!"  *Filler
  • 106. "Raō is afraid of the devil! Yuria, only you rest now !!"
  • 107. "The decisive place of battle is in the place where the fighting spirits gather! No one can stop them anymore !!"
  • 108. "Goodbye brothers of the north star! Now at last both love and are sad !!"
  • 109. "The last chapter ends Now they will speak!"  *Filler

Hokuto no Ken 2: SEASON 5

The opening cover is  Tough Boy (110-122)  and the ending is  Love Song (110-122) .

  • 110. (01). "Time flows, you were gone and now ... !!"
  • 111. (02). "When did that man wake up ...!?"  *Filler
  • 112. (03). "The savior comes from the North !!"
  • 113. (04). "The mysterious bounty hunter Ain! I will cut Kenshirō's neck !!"
  • 114. (05). "Another killing fist! His name is Gento Kōken !!"
  • 115. (06). "The Emperor of Heaven is angry! Falco, from the ground comes eradication !!"
  • 116. (07). "Nanto's Soul Burns! The Heroic Harn Brothers"
  • 117. (08). "Ain in danger! The devil's hand reaches out to the woman he loves !!"
  • 118. (09). "Great General of Gento Falco! That is how far Raō's shadow reaches ..."
  • 119. (10). "The cry of the Sky Emperor echoes in the Imperial Capital! Falco where ..."
  • 120. (11). "The true form of the Sky Emperor is shown !!"
  • 121. (12). "Ain's elegy! Get rid of pride instead of living, burning death !!"
  • 122. (13). "The Imperial Capital collapses! Jakō, you will see your dream in hell !!"

Hokuto no Ken 2: SEASON 6

The opening opening is  Tough Boy (123-152)  and the ending is  Love Song (123-151) and Yuria ... Eien ni (152) .

  • 123. (14). "The tests are not over! Kenshirō crosses the ocean !!"
  • 124. (15). "Something awaits in the dark continent! It is the Land of Shura of legend !!"
  • 125. (16). "Good or evil? The mystery of the Hokuto Ryūken appears !!"
  • 126. (17). "Can you explain finding love in this turn of the century! Her name is Leia !!"
  • 127. (18). "General of Shura, Han! You are the man who dyes the white snow red !!"
  • 128. (19). "The legend of the Savior of the Country of Shura appears! His name is Raō !!"
  • 129. (20). "Kenshirō's secret is revealed! Shura's Country is his homeland !!"
  • 130. (21). "Cold-blooded prediction! Kenshirō, you cannot become a Savior !!"
  • 131. (22). "Rock Riding Hero! I don't believe in Kenshirō !!"
  • 132. (23). "Undisputed men! Seven men from the wasteland finally attack Ken !!"
  • 133. (24). "Rock communication! Catch friend Kenshirō's life !!"
  • 134. (25). "The declaration of the creator of the new century! My name is Kaiō the devil !!"
  • 135. (26). "The seal of the Demon! It is Hokuto Sōke's 2000 year history tragedy !!"
  • 136. (27). "Younger brother Ken's crisis! The quiet Hyō now opens his heart !!"
  • 137. (28). "Kenshirō's place of execution! Heaven finally sends the sea god !!"
  • 138. (29). "The moment of Kaiō's declaration of victory! Hokuto's vision attacks him !!"
  • 139. (30). "Hyō and Ken's destined encounter! Still, the older brother doesn't know the younger brother !!"
  • 140. (31). "The choice of the demon Kaiō! All over my body my cold-blooded heart beats !!"
  • 141. (32). "Kenshirō's challenge! I will not be defeated 2 times !!"
  • 142. (33). "The tyrant Hyō and his sad helper! Who can stop him !!"
  • 143. (34). "Blood sibling confrontation! Tears aren't coming back to Hyō's pupils yet !!"
  • 144. (35). "Crisis in Hokuto's existence! The evil Kaiō's hand reaches out to the Sky Empress! °"
  • 145. (36). "The meeting of the brothers in tears! Kenshirō, I've been waiting for you !!"
  • 146. (37). "Shachi's love fight! Kaiō, that's dumb and laughs !!"
  • 147. (38). "Shachi dies in a fight for love! Dude, love knows everything !!"
  • 148. (39). "Victim of a sad love! This is the origin of Kaiō's evil !!"
  • 149. (40). "Story of Kaiō's misfortune! Heaven repaints Lin's destiny !!"
  • 150. (41). "Three chapters to go! This is 2000 years of Hokuto Sōke history !!"
  • 151. (42). "Overture from the last story! The 3rd man who controls Lin's fate appears !!"
  • 152. (43). "Goodbye Kenshirō! Goodbye Hokuto Shinken !!"