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Toriko  is an anime adapted from the manga with the same name, created by the mangaka Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro . The manga began to be published since May 19, 2008 by the Shueisha publishing house and printed in Shonen Jump magazine , with 40 volumes since its first publication, ending on November 21, 2016. The anime adaptation began to be aired for the first time in April 2011, produced by the Toei Animation studio under the command of Akifumi Zako and broadcast on the television network Fuji TV with a total of 147 episodes divided into 3 seasons, ending on March 30, 2014.

This series was licensed byToei Animation Inc. LA, FUNimation  (United States) , Crunchyroll  (Latin America) .

Toriko's world is divided into 2 sections; the World of Humans and the Gourmet World. The human world is where modern civilization is and covers only 30% of the planet, the remaining percentage is the Gourmet World, which is uninhabitable for most human beings due to the force of wildlife and extreme climatic changes. In the Gourmet Era that began 5 centuries ago at the culmination of the 100-year war, the taste and texture of food has become very important. The International Gourmet Organization, or IGO, maintains order and defends civilians from dangerous animals and gourmet criminals. Originally the IGO was affiliated with the United Nations, the IGO is now independent of them and has more influence, since it is made up of 360 nations. A numerical rating of 1 to 100 applies, called Capture levels, for most ingredients depending on the difficulty of acquiring it. The IGO has a group of seven individuals with a highly sensitive palate, called the Seven Gourmet or G-7, which is in charge of assigning the star rating of the restaurants and ranking the chefs.

See Toriko without Filler

To make it easier for you to see Toriko without padding , it shows you the list with the chapters that you should avoid so you don't waste your time on meaningless chapters or just get bored with episodes of contributing nothing to the original story. This list of Toriko chapters without padding is based on the comparison between manga and anime. Detailing the exact minutes you should avoid or watch, which are mainly special among other anime and Toriko. If you want to see some similar anime, then I recommend One Piece that is very funny like this anime, here is the one piece fill list so you can guide yourself.


The opening it covers is  Guts Guts !! (1-49)  and the endings are Satisfaction (1-25), DELI-DELI ☆ DELICIOUS (26-38) and Sabrina (39-49) .

  • <--------------------- OVA 1: Toriko Jump Super Anime Tour 2009 Special ------------------ --->
  • <--------------------- OVA 2: Toriko Jump Super Anime Tour 2010 Special ------------------ --->
  • <--------------------- Movie 1: Toriko 3D: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure !! --------------------->
  • 001. "Landing on the Gourmet Island The appearance of Bishokuya Toriko!"  *Filler
  • 002. "Giant Beast of the Hidden Kingdom Toriko, capture the Galala Crocodile!"
  • 003. "The juice of the fruit of the 7 flavors Get the Rainbow Fruit!"
  • 004. "Handle the deadly poison of the Locomotive Whale! Coco appears one of the 4 Sacred Kings!"
  • 005. "A desperate fight in the cave! Hit, Go Ren Kugi Punch!"
  • 006. "Master of knocking! Ballena Whale, gourmet time!"
  • 007. "The greatest and strongest Wolf! Battle wolf, revive!"
  • 008. "A threat has appeared! The gourmet colosseum screams!"
  • 009. "Something inherent in everyone! To be activated, gourmet cells!"
  • 010. "The man with the invincible domain! His name is Sani!"
  • 011. "Race to the Royal Island! In search of real meat!"
  • 012. "The Devils Game! Crossing the Devil Passage!"
  • 013. "The ultimate help! Confrontation, Coco v / s RoboGT!"
  • 014. "Deadly threat! Coconut and its winning formula!"
  • 015. "Aesthetics difficult! Sani, a man's fight!"
  • 016. "Rin, final wish! Wake up, super Toriko!"
  • 017. "Super Toriko! The first anger! This is the last Kugi Punch!"
  • 018. "Taste rooted in DNA! Toriko, find BB corn!"
  • 019. "Battle Talent Show me Terry the qualities of a King!"
  • 020. "For Terry's sake! Burst with the intense heat, BB Corn!"
  • 021. "The capabilities of Bishokukai! Toriko techniques, time to evolve!"
  • 022. "A pressure of madness! Grinparch v / s Toriko!"
  • 023. "Food amusement park! The empty stomach capital, Gourmet Town!"
  • 024. "Time to dream! The centuries-old soup Setsuno`s!"
  • 025. "The meeting bar! The rivalry of the great Bishokuyas!"
  • 026. "The legion of Bishokuya`s opponents We are in hell of extreme cold!"
  • 027. "Attack while the food is hot! The survival race on the tundra"
  • 028. "The explosive flame that affects the ice mountain! The true identity of the masked man"
  • 029. "The insect user shows all its splendor! Tommyrod v / s Toriko"
  • 030. "Gratitude and pride Takimaru, use the Sennuki Shot with all his might!"
  • 031. "Conclusion! Great techniques to the desperate of Match and Takimaru!"
  • 032. "Revitalizing food and the location of the legendary Century Soup"
  • 033. "Frontal combat! The fierce battle: Toriko v / s Tommyrod"
  • 034. "Desperate Fight! The Explosive Mode of Tommyrod"
  • 035. "Miraculous power! Saiseiya Teppei joins the fight"
  • 036. "Until the last drop! In whose hands is the Century Soup?"
  • 037. "Goodbye, ice hell! Grandma Setsu's hidden power"
  • 038. "Strong treatment! Saiseiya Yasaku appears!"
  • 039. "Competition! Toriko's recovery or Komatsu soup?"
  • 040. "For a world of happiness! The Century Soup, the real food!"
  • 041. "A warm welcome party! Everyone gathers in the sweet house!"
  • 042. "Battle to decide the Gourmet King! Find the best candy!"  *Filler
  • 043. "The plate of links! Partners forever!"  *Filler
  • 044. "Blazing white! Toriko v / s the President of the IGO!"
  • 045. "Vegetable garden in the Ether! Vegetable sky!"
  • 046. "Discovery! The King of vegetables, the herb ozone!"
  • 047. "Confession in heaven! An indestructible combo is formed!"
  • 048. "Shocking encounter! A mysterious creature appears!"
  • 049. "Toriko dares! The reality of the gourmet world!"


The opening it covers is  Guts Guts !! (50-98)  and the endings are  Sabrina (50-51), LOVE CHASE (52-62), Samba de Toriko !!! (63-75), Lovely Fruit (76-87) and Niji (88-99) .

  • 050. "An amazing rescuer appears! The true meaning of a partner"
  • 051. "The meeting of Toriko and Luffy! The search for the fruit of the sea!"  *Filler
  • 052. "Shock! The broken knife and the Melk sharpener"
  • 053. "Tension! Toriko's knife v / s Melk's kitchen knife"
  • 054. "Ultra gravity! Entering the Heavy Hole"
  • 055. "Hidden truth! The first Melk appears!"
  • 056. "Debut! Triumphing as the second generation and the stellar sharpener Melk!"
  • 057. "A job with your whole being! The Melk kitchen knife is complete!"
  • 058. "Super celebrities! The dream trip in the gourmet car!"
  • 059. "He finally appears! The last of the 4 Heavenly Kings! Zebra!"
  • 060. "The roar is released! The convicted criminal Zebra is free!"
  • 061. "Sound the alarms! Zebra arrives at the Sand Garden!"
  • 062. "Komatsu disappears! The demonic Desert Labyrinth!"
  • 063. "Voice sealed! The different dimension of the Gourmet Pyramid!"
  • 064. "Bizarre! The mysterious ancient document and the creature of the sarcophagus!"
  • 065. "Shocking confrontation! Salamander Sphinx!"
  • 066. "Cooking cooperatively! Komatsu directs Toriko and Zebra!"
  • 067. "Explosion at the combination of techniques! Taking the best tail in the world! Itadakimasu!"
  • 068. "The truth appears before the light! Komatsu's will and the identity of the mysterious creatures!"
  • 069. "Overcome the father! The Gatsugatsu mid-summer curry!"  *Filler
  • 070. "Connecting ties! The amazing Gatsugatsu curry"  * Filler
  • 071. "A new challenge! Toriko's determination and the return of Him!"
  • 072. "Overflowing luck with food The pilgrimage of the gourmet sanctuary!"
  • 073. "Uwaaaa! The amazing Bikkuriappuru !!"
  • 074. "Chicken egg! The memories of the elder Yocchi and his wife"
  • 075. "Glowing like a crystal !! San San Gourami!"
  • 076. "Impact of the Rapids! The gigantic waterfall, Death Falls!"
  • 077. "The new Sani technique The fruits of a magnificent training!"
  • 078. "A combined 30 peso fold 36 Ren Twin Kugi Punch!"
  • 079. "Cooking with intuition Komatsu and the San Gourami!"
  • 080. "A super extravagant production! The best food service!"  *Filler
  • 081. "The best Chitose Ame! The story of Komatsu and Yun"  * Filler
  • 082. "A meeting in the Autumn Mountains! Terry, Yun, Kiss and Quin!"  *Filler
  • 083. "Reunion! Take-chan of Otogi Castle!"
  • 084. "Different paths! The goal of the chefs!"
  • 085. "Dramatic transformation, the BarBer Gourmet beauty salon!"
  • 086. "The 4 heavenly kings are summoned A miraculous night in the middle of winter!"  *Filler
  • 087. "Merry itadakimasu The gifts of the Holy Gourmet!"
  • 088. "Heaven or hell? Immersing yourself in the Gourmet Casino"
  • 089. "Appearance! The boss of the underground kitchen world Livebearer!"
  • 090. "A card game with your life on the line Gourmet Tasting!"
  • 091. "Dead Heat! Coco v / s Liberbearer"
  • 092. "Coco's strategy The great trap that determines the great comeback!"
  • 093. "Devour or be devoured! Toriko v / s Hannya Panda!"
  • 094. "Climax! The worst remaining ingredients!"
  • 095. "The moment of conclusion! Coco's sublime scenario!"
  • 096. "A taste out of this world! Time to eat the real Meteor Garlic!"
  • 097. "Confrontation of the summits! Ichiryuu v / s Bishokukai Midora!"
  • 098. "The hidden training ingredient! Ichiryuu emergency instructions!"


The opening it covers is  Go Shock My Way !! (99-147)  and the endings are  Niji (99), Akai Kutsu (100-111), Tautology (112-123), Believe in Yourself! (124-135) and Mega Raba (136-147) .

  • 099. "Run, the strongest army! Toriko, Luffy and Goku! (Special)"  * Filler
  • 100. "Commemorating the hundredth episode The meeting of the 4 Celestial Kings!"
  • 101. "Toriko fainting in agony? Capture the most stinky ingredient in the world"
  • 102. "Very giant! With the professional fighting movements, the completion of the giant Ehou Maki!"
  • 103. "Put your hands together and bow down! The Gourmet Chin Chinchin national treasure appears!"
  • 104. "Those without gratitude will not pass! The terrifying Shokurin Temple!"
  • 105. "Toriko, completely defeated? The delicate and inexplicable power of the honor of food!"
  • 106. "It's all about appreciation! The basics of food honor!"
  • 107. "A threat is approaching! Hurry up Toriko! The road to Shabon Fruits!"
  • 108. "Tragedy! The fall of the Shokurin Temple Goodbye, Komatsu!"
  • 109. "Powerful and unrivaled! The one who has mastered the honor of food!"
  • 110. "The 100 million yen movement of the national treasure! Toriko v / s Chiyo-baa"
  • 111. "The ghostly ingredient Center." Ichiryuu and the powerful biotype 0 "
  • 112. "The legendary bee, the Infini Bee." Toriko v / s the new GT Robo model "  * Filler
  • 113. "Showing his true strength! The honor of Komatsu's food The real ones! The ghostly Zenmen noodles"  * Filler
  • 114. "The 4 Celestial Kings gather! The 4 beasts of the Gourmet world wake up"
  • 115. "The battle to determine the destiny of mankind! The 4 beasts against the 4 Celestial Kings!"
  • <--------------------- Movie 2: Toriko the Movie: Bishokushin's Special Menu ------------------ --->
  • 116. "Toriko, Coco, Sani and Zebra The 4 Celestial Kings to attack!"
  • 117. "Toriko new crisis The main body of the 4 beasts appears!"
  • 118. "Shocking union of the 4 beasts and the green rain"
  • 119. "The dilemma of the 4 Heavenly Kings! The determination of Komatsu!"
  • 120. "Save humanity with miraculous food!"
  • 121. "Exploit curiosity for flavor! The combined technique of the 4 Heavenly Kings!"
  • 122. "The secret technique: Ou Shokku Bansan"
  • 123. "The festival is approaching." The Wriggling dangerous boys "
  • 124. "Toriko v / s the monster of the gourmet world: Mon Planc"  * Filler
  • 125. "The new Toriko technique: Nail Gun"  * Filler
  • 126. "A great inevitable uproar? The curtain rises for the Cooking Festival!"
  • 127. "Komatsu in trouble? Triatlon cooking!"
  • 128. "The legendary chef Tengu Branchi appears!"
  • 129. "A wild ride from a super dirty game Branchi, moving forward!"
  • 130. "Life or Death? Deadly kitchen in balance!"  *Filler
  • 131. "Who are the strongest companions? Kitchen of the whole island!"  *Filler
  • 132. "War breaks out! Bishokukai's fury attack!"
  • 133. "Defend Komatsu! Toriko v / s Starjun!"
  • 134. "Wild fight! Toriko's strongest attacks!"
  • 135. "Summit confrontation! IGO v / s Bishokukai"
  • 136. "A terrible trump card! The gourmet world monster, Nitro"  * Filler
  • 137. "Deadly combat! Coco v / s Grinpatch"
  • 138. "Duel! Sani v / s Tommyrod"
  • 139. "The moment of conclusion! The final power of Sani!"
  • 140. "Counterattack! Zebra starts up!"
  • 141. "Toriko strikes back! Ultimate routine!"
  • 142. "The greatest enemy in history! Joa appears!"
  • 143. "Surprise! The true identity of the mastermind Joa!"
  • 144. "The beginning of the end! Toriko against Joa!"
  • 145. "Resurrection attack! The final technique of the 4 kings!"
  • 146. "It resonates, Komatsu shout! Toriko revives!"  *Filler
  • 147. "Toriko and Komatsu embark on a new journey!"  *Filler

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