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Dragon Ball Filler List and Order to Watch

Dragon Ball is the prequel to the anime Dragon Ball Z, it adapts chapters 1 to 194 of the homonymous manga written by Akira Toriyama. Its anime adaptation was in charge of Toei Animation and began broadcasting from February 26, 1986 with 153 episodes divided into 9 seasons, of which 21 episodes are fillers.

Dragon Ball Filler Episodes make up 14% of the series, something not exaggerated for the number of episodes it counts. In addition, the added fillers are entertaining and well distributed throughout the anime..

Dragon Ball Filler List and Order to Watch

A long time ago, in the mountains, a martial arts master Son Gohan found an exceptional boy who arrived on Earth in a capsule during a stormy night, whom he named Goku. Unaware of his past, Gohan raised him as his grandson until he was eight years old and trained him in martial arts. After the death of his grandfather, one day he meets Bulma, a girl who is interested in the mysterious Dragon Balls. Together they will venture in search of the 7 Dragon Balls, a journey that will change Goku's life forever.

Dragon Ball Filler Episodes to Skip

In the following Dragon Ball Filler List I will show you which episodes you have to Watch or Skip. In addition, the Movies and Ovas will be located in Chronological Order, this so that you can Watch Dragon Ball in Order. At the end of this list I will mention in what chapter of the manga does anime end or where to start reading the manga after the anime, this in case you want to continue the story.

These episodes are not adapted from the manga, so it does not follow the original story, we skip these episodes.
These episodes are adapted from the manga, but they have filler fragments, we only watch the marked minutes.
These episodes are adapted to 100% of the manga that follows the story, we watch it all.

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SEASON 1: Emperor Pilaf Saga (1986)

The opening it covers is  Makafushigi Adventure! (1-13),  and the ending is  Romantic Ageru Yo (1-13) .~ Adapted from manga 1 to 23.

  • 001. "Bulma and Son Goku" / "The Secret of the Dragon Balls"
  • 002. "What the...?! No Balls!" / "The Emperor's Quest"
  • 003. "The Turtle Hermit's Kinto Un" / "The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi"
  • 004. "Oolong, the Kidnapping Monster" / "Oolong the Terrible"
  • 005. "Yamcha, The Strong Yet Cruel Desert Bandit" / "Yamcha the Desert Bandit"
  • 043. "Bulma's House in Metro West" / "A Trip to the City"
  • <--------------------- Movie 1: The Legend of the Dragon Shenlong -------------------- ->
  • 006. "Midnight Callers" / "Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls"
  • 007. "Mt. Frypan's Gyumao" / "The Ox King on Fire Mountain"
  • 008. "The Turtle Hermit's Kamehameha" / "The Kamehameha Wave"
  • 009. "The Rabbit Boss' Special Technique" / "Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch"
  • 010. "The Dragon Balls are Stolen!!!" / "The Dragon Balls are Stolen!"
  • 011. "At Last the Dragon Appears!" / "The Penalty is Pinball"
  • 012. "The Wish to Shen Long" / "A Wish to the Eternal Dragon"
  • 013. "Goku's Great Transformation" / "The Legend of Goku"

SEASON 2: Tournament Saga (1986)

The opening it covers is  Makafushigi Adventure! (14-28),  and the ending is  Romantic Ageru Yo ( 14-28 ) .~ Adapted from manga 24 to 54.

  • 014. "Goku's Rival? Appears!!" / "Goku's Rival"
  • <--------------------- Movie 2: Sleeping Princess in the Castle of Evil ----------------- ---->
  • 015. "The Peculiar Girl, Lunch" / "Look Out for Launch"
  • 016. "Training — The Rock Hunt" / "Find That Stone!"
  • 017. "With Life at Stake! Milk Delivery" / "Milk Delivery"
  • 018. "The Turtle Hermit's Intense Training" / "The Turtle Hermit Way"
  • 019. "The Tenkaichi Tournament Begins!" / "The Tournament Begins"
  • 020. "Will it Appear!? The Power From the Training" / "Elimination Round"
  • 021. "Watch Out! Kuririn" / "Smells Like Trouble" *Bacterian vs. Krilin
  • 022. "Yamucha vs. Jackie Chun" / "Quarterfinals Begin" *Jackie Chun vs. Yamcha, Ranfan VS. Nam
  • 023. "He's Here! The Mighty Foe Giran" / "Monster Beast Giran" *Goku vs. Giran
  • 024. "Kuririn's Desperate Offensive and Defensive Battle" / "Krillin's Frantic Attack!" *Jackie Chun vs. Krilin
  • 025. "Get Up, Goku! The Fearsome Tenku Pekeji-ken" / "Danger From Above" *Goku vs. Nam
  • 026. "The Final Round!! Kamehame-Ha" / "The Grand Finals" *Jackie Chun vs. Goku
  • 027. "Goku's Greatest Pinch" / "Number One Under the Moon?" *Jackie Chun vs. Goku
  • 028. "Clash!! Power vs. Power" / "The Final Blow" *Jackie Chun vs. Goku

SEASON 3: Red Ribbon Army Saga (1986–87)

The opening it covers is  Makafushigi Adventure! (29-68),  and the ending is  Romantic Ageru Yo ( 29-68 ) .~ Adapted from manga 54 to 69.

  • 029. "Another Adventure — The Wandering Lake" / "The Roaming Lake" * Mixed, we only have to watch from minute 0:00 to 5:35.
  • 030. "Pilaf and the Mysterious Army" / "Pilaf and the Mystery Force"  * Filler
  • 031. "Yikes! A Fake Goku Appears!!" / "Wedding Plans?"  * Filler
  • 032. "Vanished!? The Flying Fortress in the Sky" / "The Flying Fortress — Vanished!"  * Filler
  • 033. "Legend of the Dragon" / "The Legend of a Dragon"  * Filler
  • 034. "The Heartless Red Ribbon" / "Cruel General Red" * Mixed, what we should watch is from minute 7:56 until the end. In the meeting between Colonel Silver and Goku, the colonel remembers Goku, this happens because in the previous filler episodes they met, in the manga it is the first time they meet. (you can check it in chapter 55 (p. 14) of the manga)
  • 035. "Suno, Girl of the North" / "Cold Reception"
  • 036. "The Terror of Muscle Tower" / "Major Metallitron" *Sargento Metálico vs. Goku
  • 037. "Enter Ninja Murasaki" / "Ninja Murasaki is Coming!" *Sargento Mayor Púrpura vs. Goku
  • 038. "Be Afraid!! The Split-Image Technique" / "Five Murasakis" *Sargento Mayor Púrpura vs. Goku
  • 039. "The Mysterious Cyborg No. 8" / "Mysterious Android No. 8"
  • 040. "What Now, Goku!!? The Horrible Buyon" / "Horrifying Buyon" *Buyon vs. Goku
  • 041. "The End of Muscle Tower" / "The Fall of Muscle Tower" *General White vs. Goku
  • 042. "Imminent Danger!! Go for it, Ha-chan" / "The Secret of Dr. Flappe"
  • 044. "Goku and Friends and Tons of Danger" / "Master Thief, Hasky" * Mixed, what we should watch is from minute 0:00 to 11:38, in this part the Red Patrol talks about sending the famous thief Hasky to steal Goku's two Dragon Balls, in the manga they only order to send his soldiers. We also see from minute 14:51 to 16:26, here Bulma decides to make Goku meet several places before leaving, in the manga they leave immediately to look for the remaining spheres (you can check this in chapter 69 of the manga).
  • 045. "Watch Out! A Mid-Air Trap" / "Danger in the Air"  * Fill

SEASON 4: General Blue Saga (1987)

The opening it covers is  Makafushigi Adventure! (29-68),  and the ending is  Romantic Ageru Yo ( 29-68 ) .~ Adapted from manga 70 to 83.

  • 046. "Bulma's Big Failure" / "Bulma's Bad Day"
  • 047. "Kame House is Discovered!!" / "Kame House — Found!"
  • 048. "General Blue Begins Attacking!!" / "Deep Blue Sea"
  • 049. "Lunch-san in Danger" / "Roshi Surprise"
  • 050. "The Pirates' Traps" / "The Trap is Sprung!"
  • 051. "The Security Guard at the Bottom of the Ocean" / "Beware of Robot"
  • 052. "We Did It! Treasure Discovered" / "The Pirate Treasure" *General Blue vs. Krilin
  • 053. "The Eyes that Sparkle with Terror" / "Blue, Black and Blue" *General Blue vs. Goku
  • 054. "Run! Run! The Great Escape" / "Escape From Pirate Cave"
  • 055. "Lo! Chased to Penguin Village" / "Penguin Village"
  • 056. "Woohoo! Arale Rides the Cloud" / "Strange Visitor"
  • 057. "A Face-off! Arale vs. Blue" / "Arale vs. Blue"

SEASON 5: Commander Red Saga (1987)

The opening it covers is  Makafushigi Adventure! (29-68),  and the ending is  Romantic Ageru Yo ( 29-68 ) .~ Adapted from manga 84 to 97.

  • 058. "The Sacred, Yet Ominous Land of Karin" / "The Land of Korin"
  • 059. "It's Him! The World's Greatest Assassin, Taopaipai" / "The Notorious Mercenary"
  • 060. "A Battle!! The Kamehameha vs. the Dodonpa" / "Tao Attacks!" *Goku vs. Tao Pai Pai
  • 061. "Karin-sama of Karin Tower" / "Korin Tower"
  • 062. "What Will the Effect of the Super Spirit Water Be!?" / "Sacred Water"
  • 063. "Son Goku's Revenge" / "The Return of Goku" *Goku vs. Tao Pai Pai (Revancha)
  • 064. "The End of Taopaipai" / "The Last of Mercenary Tao" *Goku vs. Tao Pai Pai (Revancha)
  • 065. "Go, Goku! Commence Assault" / "Confront the Red Ribbon Army"
  • 066. "The Red Ribbon Army Desperately Fights Back" / "A Real Bind"
  • 067. "Commander Red Perishes!!" / "The End of Commander Red" *Black vs. Goku
  • 068. "The Last Dragon Ball" / "The Last Dragon Ball" *Black vs. Goku
  • <--------------------- Movie 3: Mystical Adventure --------------------->

SEASON 6: Fortuneteller Baba Saga (1987)

The opening it covers is  Makafushigi Adventure! (69-82),  and the ending is  Romantic Ageru Yo ( 69-82 ) .~ Adapted from manga 97 to 112.

  • 069. "The Possibly Cute Fortuneteller Baba" / "Who is Fortuneteller Baba?"
  • 070. "Attack! We Five Fighters" / "We are the Five Warriors" *Krilin, Upa & Puar vs. Dracula Man, Yamcha vs. Hombre Invisible
  • 071. "A Bloody and Desperate Battle!" / "Deadly Battle" *Yamcha vs. Hombre Invisible
  • 072. "Meet Son Goku! The Demons' Toilet" / "Goku's Turn" *Yamcha vs. La Momia
  • 073. "What is the Deadly Devil Might Beam!?" / "The Devilmite Beam" *Goku vs. La Momia, Goku vs. El Demonio
  • 074. "The Mysterious Fifth Man" / "The Mysterious Fifth Man" *Goku vs. El Demonio, Goku vs. Son Gohan
  • 075. "A Clash!! Powerful Adversaries" / "The Strong Ones" *Goku vs. Son Gohan
  • 076. "The Identity of the Masked Man" / "True Colors of the Masked Man" *Goku vs. Son Gohan
  • 077. "Pilaf's Great Strategy" / "Pilaf's Tactics."
  • 078. "Shen Long, Again" / "The Eternal Dragon Rises"
  • 079. "Kinkaku and Ginkaku's Man-Eating Gourd" / "Terror and Plague"  *Filler
  • 080. "Imperial Match! Goku vs. Ten Long" / "Goku vs. Sky Dragon"  *Filler
  • 081. "Goku Goes to the Demon World" / "Goku Goes to Demon Land"  *Filler
  • 082. "The Ferocious Beast, Inoshi Kacho" / "The Rampage of InoShikaCho"  *Filler

SEASON 7: Tien Shinhan Saga (1987–88)

The opening it covers is  Makafushigi Adventure! (83-101),  and the ending is  Romantic Ageru Yo ( 83-101 ) .~ Adapted from manga 113 to 134.

  • 083. "Hurry to the Tenkaichi Martial Arts Tournament, Goku!" / "Which Way to Papaya Island?"  *Filler
  • 084. "Aim to Be the World's Best Martial Artist!!" / "Rivals and Arrivals"
  • 085. "Devoted to Victory!! Qualifier Survival" / "Preliminary Peril"
  • 086. "It's Decided!! Eight Brave Men" / "Then There Were Eight"
  • 087. "Showdown!! Yamcha vs. Tenshinhan" / "Yamcha vs. Tien" *Ten Shinhan vs. Yamcha
  • 088. "Onwards, Yamcha! The Incredible Tenshinhan" / "Yamcha's Big Break" *Ten Shinhan vs. Yamcha
  • 089. "Scary!! The Full Moon's Grudge" / "Full-Moon Vengeance" *Jackie Chun vs. Lobo Hombre
  • 090. "Nanana!! What, a Dodon Wave?" / "The Dodon Wave" *Chaoz vs. Krilin
  • 091. "A Sudden Reversal!! Kuririn's Great Strategy" / "Counting Controversy!!" *Chaoz vs. Krilin
  • 092. "Hang on! Son Goku is here!!" / "Goku Enters the Ring" *Goku vs. Pamputt
  • 093. "Evenly Matched!! Tenshinhan vs. Jackie" / "Tien Shinhan vs. Jackie Chun" *Jackie Chun vs. Ten Shinhan
  • 094. "Gegege!! The New Crane Hermit School Technique: Taiyōken" / "Stepping Down" *Jackie Chun vs. Ten Shinhan
  • 095. "Fight!! Goku vs. Kuririn" / "Goku vs. Krillin" *Goku vs. Krilin
  • 096. "Really, Goku?! Kuririn's Great Strategy" / "Tail's Tale" *Goku vs. Krilin
  • 097. "The Finals!! The World's Greatest Martial Artist is...?!" / "Final Match: Goku vs. Tien" *Goku vs. Ten Shinhan
  • 098. "The Secret Technique Haikyūken vs. Fighting Power" / "Victory's Edge / Battle Power!" *Goku vs. Ten Shinhan
  • 099. "Tenshinhan in Distress!!" / "Tien's Insurrection" *Goku vs. Ten Shinhan
  • 100. "Life?! Death?! A Last Resort" / "The Spirit Cannon" *Goku vs. Ten Shinhan
  • 101. "The Martial Arts Tournament Comes to an End! And Then...!!" / "The Fallen" *Goku vs. Ten Shinhan
  • <--------------------- Movie 4: The road to the strongest ------------------- ->

SEASON 8: King Piccolo Saga (1988)

The opening it covers is  Makafushigi Adventure! (102-132),  and the ending is  Romantic Ageru Yo ( 102-132 ) .~ Adapted from manga 135 to 161.

  • 102. "The Terrifying Conspiracy of Kuririn's Death!!" / "Enter King Piccolo"
  • 103. "The Terror of Piccolo-Daimaō!" / "Tambourine Attacks!" *Tambourine vs. Goku
  • 104. "Come Back to Life, Son Goku!!" / "Mark of the Demon"
  • 105. "A Mysterious Man: Enter Yajirobe!!" / "Here Comes Yajirobe" *Yajirobe vs. Goku, Cymbal vs. Yajirobe
  • 106. "Demon Beast Tambourine is Coming!!" / "Terrible Tambourine"
  • 107. "Son Goku: Explosive Rage!!" / "Tien's Atonement"
  • 108. "Piccolo-Daimaō Descends!!" / "Goku's Revenge" *Tambourine vs. Goku (Revancha)
  • 109. "Goku vs. Pikoro Dai-ma-ku." *Píkoro Daimakú vs. Goku
  • 110. "Keep at it! Son Goku!!" / "Piccolo Closes In" *Píkoro Daimakú vs. Goku
  • 111. "The Turtle Hermit's Last Mafūba" / "Roshi's Gambit" *Píkoro Daimakú vs. Maestro Roshi
  • 112. "Newfound Youth?! Piccolo-Daimaō" / "King Piccolo's Wish"
  • 113. "King Castle, on Offense and Defense!!" / "Siege on Chow Castle"
  • 114. "Goku's Wish!! Even Karin-sama is worried" / "Conquest and Power"
  • 115. "Go Get It! The Mysterious Super God Water" / "Awaken Darkness"
  • 116. "The Turtle Hermit Lives?!" / "A Taste of Destiny"
  • 117. "Son Goku Finally Departs!!" / "The Ultimate Sacrifice"
  • 118. "Tenshinhan's Determination" / "Prelude to Vengeance"
  • 119. "Son Goku vs. Piccolo-Daimaō" / "Goku vs. King Piccolo" *Drum vs. Ten Shinhan, Drum vs. Goku
  • 120. "Will it Work?! The Legendary Mafūba" / "Battle Cry" *Píkoro Daimakú vs. Goku
  • 121. "Son Goku's Greatest Crisis" / "The Biggest Crisis" *Píkoro Daimakú vs. Goku
  • 122. "The Final Gamble" / "Final Showdown" *Píkoro Daimakú vs. Goku

SEASON 9: Piccolo Jr. Saga (1988–89)

The opening it covers is  Makafushigi Adventure! (102-132),  and the ending is  Romantic Ageru Yo ( 102-132 ) .~ Adapted from manga 161 to 194.

  • 123. "The Nyoibō's Secret" / "Lost and Found"
  • 124. "Temple Above the Clouds" / "Temple Above the Clouds"
  • 125. "Kami-sama Appears!!" / "Earth's Guardian Emerges"
  • 126. "Shen Long is Resurrected!!" / "Eternal Dragon Resurrected"
  • 127. "Faster than Lightning!!" / "Quicker than Lightning"  *Filler
  • 128. "Quiet as the Sky" / "Secret of the Woods"  *Filler
  • 129. "Time Traveler Goku" / "The Time Room"  *Filler
  • 130. "Goku's Opponent is... Goku?!" / "Goku's Doll"  *Filler
  • 131. "Each on Their Own Way" / "Walking Their Own Ways"  *Filler
  • 132. "Hotter than Magma" / "Hotter than Lava"  *Filler
  • 133. "Reunion Before the Storm" / "Changes"
  • 134. "Trouble at the Tenkaichi Tournament" / "Preliminary Peril"
  • 135. "The Chosen Eight" / "Battle of the Eight"
  • 136. "The Assassin Taopaipai's Counterattack" *Ten Shinhan vs. Tao Pai Pai
  • 137. "Son Goku's Marriage" / "Anonymous Proposal" *Goku vs Milk, Pikoro vs. Krilin
  • 138. "The Mysterious Man, Shen" / "The Mysterious Hero" *Pikoro vs. Krilin, Shen vs. Yamcha
  • 139. "Another Fierce Fight! Goku vs. Tien Shinhan" / "Rematch" *Shen vs. Yamcha, Ten Shinhan vs. Goku
  • 140. "True Strength" / "Goku Gains Speed" *Ten Shinhan vs. Goku
  • 141. "Four Tenshinhans" / "The Four Faces of Tien" *Ten Shinhan vs. Goku
  • 142. "Who is Stronger?! Kami vs. Piccolo-Daimaō" / "Kami vs. Piccolo" *Shen vs. Pikoro
  • 143. "A Gamble on the Fate of the Earth!" / "Battle for the Future" *Goku vs Pikoro
  • 144. "Let Loose! The Ultimate Super Kamehameha" / "Super Kamehameha" *Goku vs Pikoro
  • 145. "Piccolo-Daimaō's Super Giant-Body Technique" / "Junior No More" *Goku vs Pikoro
  • 146. "Son Goku's Trap" / "Goku's Trap" *Goku vs Pikoro
  • 147. "Nothing More That Can Be Done!!" / "Goku Hangs On" *Goku vs Pikoro
  • 148. "Hooray! The Earth's Strongest Man" / "The Victor" *Goku vs Pikoro
  • 149. "Wedding Dress in Flames" / "Dress in Flames"  *Filler
  • 150. "The Phantom Fire-Eating Bird" / "The Fire-Eater"  *Filler
  • 151. "Thanks to Chi-Chi's Homemaker Training..." / "Outrageous Octagon"  *Filler
  • 152. "Hurry, Goku! The Mysterious Mountain of Five Elements" / "Mystery of the Dark World"  *Filler
  • 153. "Mt. Frypan is Burning! An Instant Do-or-Die Journey" / "The End, the Beginning"  *Filler

How To Watch Dragon Ball In Correct Order?

The Chronological Order to Watch Dragon Ball movies and ovas is as follows:

  1. Movie 1: Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies: We watch this movie after episode 5, since they tell us about the events of episodes 1 to 5 but with modifications, we can appreciate the first meeting of Goku and Bulma , Yamcha and Son Goku's first fight, as well as the confrontation against the first villain, who here is Gourmets (in the anime it was Pilaf).
  2. Movie 2: Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle: We watch this movie after episode 14, since it is an alternate version of episode 15, which is where Goku and Krillin go in search from a young lady to Master Roshi. It could be considered an extended version of said episode.
  3. Movie 3: Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure: We watch this movie after episode 68, this movie recounts the events of Dragon Ball in a different and alternative way, from the beginning of the series to the end of the Saga of the Red Patrol (episode 68) with notable better graphics.
  4. Movie 4: Dragon Ball: The Path to Power: We watch this movie after episode 101, although this movie takes place during the training of Goku and Krillin at the hands of Master Roshi, to be exact after episode 18, it takes a different direction. I alternate to the original story, adding different roles to characters that have not yet appeared. That is why it is recommended to watch it after the 22nd Martial Arts Tournament (episode 101), which is where all the characters from the film have already appeared.