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Tokyo Ghoul Filler List and Chronological Order

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime adapted from the manga created by mangaka Sui Ishida , published by seinen Young Jump magazine, delivered weekly since September 2011, with a total of 14 volumes. The anime adaptation was in charge of Studio Pierrot and began airing on the Tokyo MX television network from July 5, 2014, with 12 episodes. The second season of the anime was titled " Tokyo Ghoul √A " (12 episodes), would tell an alternative story to the manga, and would not be an adaptation of the original story. A third season  Tokyo Ghoul: re (24 episodes, divided from 2 parts of 12 episodes ), It premiered in April 2018 covering the original story of the Tokyo Ghoul manga : re.

This series was licensed by Selecta Vision (Spain), Funimation (United States), Madman Entertainment (Australia), Anime Limited (United Kingdom ) .
Tokyo Ghoul Filler List & Chronological Order

In the city of Tokyo, mysterious deaths occur because of Ghouls , who are beings that survive by eating human flesh. One morning Ken Kaneki , an 18-year-old boy meets a beautiful young woman whose name was Rize Kamishiro in a busy cafeteria and he invites her out. In the appointment everything concurred in the most normal way, Kaneki, decides to accompany her to the house to the young woman. But when passing through a dark alley, the young woman begins to attack Kaneki, because she was a Ghoul. During this incident, Kaneki is saved from dying because some beams fall on Rize killing her, but Kaneki is terribly injured. Due to the seriousness of the injuries, they decide to perform an organ transplant in the hospital, whose donor for the emergency is the attacking Ghoul (Rize Kamishiro). For this reason, Kaneki ends up becoming half human and half Ghoul, who from that moment must live hiding from humans.

See Tokyo Ghoul without filler

Tokyo Ghoul  is an anime with no filler episodes , instead of adding episodes to lengthen the anime, they did the opposite by cutting the anime to a few episodes. The reason why the anime does not follow 100% of the manga is because of the strong story that it might not be suitable for all audiences, things like Death Hide that was different in the manga, in addition to the subsequent fight between Kaneki and Arima that It was not issued because it was very bloody. Below is an episode guide of Tokyo Ghoul, with which you can relive some moment of this anime, such as: a battle, the story of a character, in addition to being well organized by seasons and the opening or endings used in each chapter.

Chronological order


The opening it covers is  Unravel (1-12)  and the ending is  Seijatachi (1-12) .

  • 01. "Tragedy" * Nishiki vs. Touka
  • 02. "Incubation" * Kaneki vs. Nishiki
  • 03. "Dove"
  • 04. "Supper"
  • 05. "Scars" * Touka vs. Tsukiyama * Nishiki's Past
  • 06. "Cloudburst"  * Touka vs. Tsukiyama  * Jason vs. Mado  * Ryouko vs. Mado
  • 07. "Captivity"  * Ryouko vs. Mado  * Touka vs. Mado
  • 08. "Circular"  * Touka vs. Mado, Kaneki vs. Ammon
  • 09. "Birdcage"
  • 10. "Aogiri"
  • NOTE: "After the capture of Kaneki they immediately go to the torture room, this was not the case in the manga, before a rescue plan by  Banjou occurred , in addition new Ghouls friends of Banjou are released that would take more relevance later in the manga, the reason why they removed this part was because in the second season (Tokyo Ghoul √A) they would change the course of the story. To see this part that was omitted in the anime I recommend you watch the manga of "Tokyo Ghoul " Chapter 54, 55, 56 (pages 9 to 19), 57, 58 (pages 1 to 15) and 61 (pages 3-6).
  • 11. "High Spirits"
  • 12. "Ghoul" * Jason vs. Kaneki


The opening it covers is  Incompetence (1-12)  and the ending is Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku (1-12) .
This season titled "Tokyo Ghoul √A" had variations in history compared to manga. But there are parts that do match the original story, so because of this you cannot say that it is 100% filled, but until the end it was changed. If you want to follow the original story you have to see the Tokyo Ghoul manga from chapter 67 to 143 which is final .

  • 01. "New Surge"  * Filler * Ayato vs. Touka, Shinohara & Kuroiwa vs. Owl with one eye, Kaneki vs. Ayato
  • 02. "Dancing Flowers"  * Filler
  • 03. "Hangman"  * Filler
  • 04. "Deeper Layers"  * Filler * Amon's past  * Kaneki vs. Shachi, Ayato vs. Shinohara
  • 05. "Rift"  * Filler  * Kurona & Nashiro vs. Rei, Ayato vs. Shinohara, Kaneki vs. Shinohara & Amon
  • 06. "Thousand Paths"  * Filler * Past of Rei
  • 07. "Permeation"  * Filler
  • 08. "Old Nines"  * Filler * History of the Owl with one eye
  • 09. "City In Waiting"  * Filler
  • 10. "Last Rain"  * Filler  * Koma vs. Tanakamaru, Hachikawa vs. Irimi, Rei vs. One-eyed owl
  • 11. "Deluge of Flowers"  * Filler * Rei vs. Owl with one eye 2,  Kaneki vs. Ammon
  • 12. "Ken"  * Filler

NOTE: If you decided to watch this season, surely you will not understand many things in the next season. Since in the anime many scenes of the manga were omitted, for reasons we don't know, the clearest example was the battle between Kaneki vs. Arima that was not broadcast in the anime, leaving those who only watched the anime confused, since they don't know the reason why Kaneki is working on the CCG in the Tokyo Ghoul season: re. If you want to see the original end of this season you should only see the Tokyo Ghoul mangachapter 136 that is located after the battle between Amon and Kaneki, in this chapter Kaneki flees through the sewers and meets his best friend Hide, which They changed in the anime. Then you have to see theChapter 137 , only page No. 16 (last), where Kaneki meets Arima. Finally you should see chapters 138, 139 and 140 (Battle between Arima vs. Kaneki). But if you want, you can see the following chapters so you can find out some extra things that did not appear in the manga, since this manga reaches 143.


* These eggs should be seen before the next season (Tokyo Ghoul: re)
  • 01. Tokyo Ghoul "Pinto" 
  • 02. Tokyo Ghoul "Jack" 


The opening it covers is  Asphyxia (1-12)  and the ending is Half (1-12) .

  • 01. "START: Those Who Hunt" * Sasaki vs. Nishiki
  • 02. "member: Fragments"  * Sasaki vs. Nishiki
  • 03. "fresh: Eve"
  • 04. "MAIN: Auction" * Juuzo vs. Ayato, Naki vs. Akira
  • 05. "PresS: Night of Scattering" * Naki vs. Akira, Urie vs. Big Madame, Sasaki vs. Takizawa
  • 06. "turn: In the End" * Sasaki vs. TakizawaSaiko & Shirazu vs. Mayu (Nutcracker),   Urie vs. Big Madame, Juuzo vs. Big madame
  • 07. "mind: Days of Recollections"
  • 08. "TAKe: One Who Writhes"
  • 09. "play: Ghost"
  • 10. "think: Sway"
  • 11. "writE: The Absent One"  * Sasaki vs. Tsukiyama & Kanae, Shirazu, Urie &  Saiko  vs. Noro
  • 12. "Beautiful Dream: Dawn" * Sasaki vs. One-eyed owl,  Shirazu, Urie &  Saiko  vs. Noro


The opening it covers is  Katharsis (1-12)  and the ending is Rakuen no Kimi (13-24) .

  • 01. "Place: And So, Once Again" * Past of Eto Yoshimura, past of Rize * Arima vs. Shachi
  • 02. "VOLT: White Darkness"  * Past of Yomo  * Yomo, Ayato & Touka vs Arima * Kaneki vs Arima
  • 03. "union: Cross Game" * Hachikawa vs. Takizawa, Kurona vs. Juuzo, Takizawa vs. Tatara
  • 04. "vive: Those Left Behind" * Nishiki & Kurena vs. Rome & Shikorae
  • 05. "MovE: Confluence, Confusion"
  • 06. "FACE: Effulgence" * Juuzo vs. No Face, Urie vs. Donato
  • 07. "proof: Bonds" * Tooru vs. Kaneki
  • 08. "incarnation: Awakened Child" * Urie vs. Rome, Tooru vs. Touka, Kaneki vs. Juuzo
  • 09. "Morse: Remembrances" * Urie & Saiko vs. Tooru
  • 10. "call: The Far Side of Tragedy"
  • 11. "ACT: Encounters" * Amon vs. Donato, Yomo vs. Uta
  • 12. "The Final Episode"" * Kaneki vs. Furuta

NOTE:  The saga of Tokyo Ghoul: re was very summed up in the anime, leaving many scenes that happened in the manga, for this reason to find out how each of the characters finished you have to see the manga Tokyo Ghoul: re chapter 179 , which is final.