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Noragami Filler List and Chronological Order

Noragami , is a manga created by the mangaka  Adachitoka (stage name of the creators) beginning to be published from December  6, 2010  through the Monthly Shōnen Magazine  by the Kōdansha publishing house , with a total of 19 volumes, at the moment it continues in punlicación. The anime adaptation began broadcasting on January 5, 2014 by the Tokyo MX television network  , MBS, BS11, TVA  and was in charge of the BONES studio , under the direction of Kotaro Tamura , with 25 episodes + 4 OVAS (12 the first season and 13 the second), the last episode being broadcast on December 25, 2015.

This series was licensed by  Selecta Vision (Spain),  Manga Entertainment  (United Kingdom) , Funimation  (Canada & United States) , Crunchyroll  (Latin America) .

Noragami Filler List and Chronological Order

Hiyori Iki is a normal middle school student until she was involved in a bus accident while trying to protect a stranger. This incident frequently causes his soul to leave his body, and he realizes the existence of two parallel worlds: the Near Coast, where humans and normal creatures reside, and the Extreme Coast, where demons and human souls. Through his soul, he meets the strange and anonymous god without a shrine, Yato. Yato is determined to make a name for himself by accepting any wish for 5 yen, including Hiyori's to fix his body. Along with Yato's Regalia, a weapon of the soul of a dead human, and named after the god in question, Yukine, the trio goes through many adventures struggling with their friendship, identity and past.

Filler episodes to skip in Noragami

The following Noragami filler list will show you which episodes or chapters are filler in the series, this means episodes that are exclusively from the anime and were not adapted based on the manga. With this guide you will be able to skip or avoid Noragami filler episodes and thus enjoy this anime without filler. It should be noted that both the ovas, specials and movies (if the anime had these) will be located in chronological order, this for you to better enjoy on the Netflix, Hulu, Funimation or Crunchyroll platforms. And if you finish the anime, I will mention in which chapter of the manga or where to start the manga after the anime, this to keep in mind, how far is the Noragami manga


The opening it covers is Overnight Appointment (1-12) and the ending is Heart Realize (1-12) .

  • 01. "A Housecat, a Stray God, and a Tail"
  • 02. "Snow-like"
  • 03. "Bidden Calamity"
  • 04. "Where Happiness Lies"
  • 05. "Borderline"
  • 06. "Scary Person"
  • 07. "Uncertainty and Destiny"
  • 08. ""Over the Line"
  • 09. "Name"
  • 10. "Regarded with Hate" *Mostly filler, we only see the beginning of the episode (from minute 0:00 to 7:50).
  • 11. "Abandoned God"  * Filler
  • 12. "A Scrap of a Memory"  * Filler

SEASON 2: Aragoto

The opening it covers is Kyoran Hey Kids !! (1-13) and the ending is Nirvana (1-13) .

  • 13. (01). "Bearing a Posthumous Name"
  • 14. (02). "One of Her Memories"
  • 15. (03). "False Bond" 
  • 16. (04). "Wish" 
  • 17. (05). "Divine Acclamation, Imprecation"
  • 18. (06). "What Must be Done"
  • 19. (07). "How to Worship a God"
  • <--------------------- OAD–1: God's Possession, God's Curse --------------------->
  • <--------------------- OAD–2: A Promise in Spring --------------------->
  • 20. (08). "God of Calamity" 
  • 21. (09). "The Sound of a Thread Snapping"
  • 22. (10). "A Certain Desire"
  • 23. (11). "Revival" 
  • 24. (12). "Your Voice Calls Out" 
  • 25. (13). "The God of Fortune's Message"
  • <--------------------- Aragoto OAD–1: Noragami (01).~ --------------------->
  • <--------------------- Aragoto OAD–2: A Picture Together" --------------------->

What chapter of the manga is Noragami anime on?

Manga compared to the anime:»Where to start the manga?
The last episode that was emitted is the 13th of Season 2 that corresponds to Chapters 38 (pags. 18-44) and 39 of the manga "Noragami".
So if we want to start the manga after the anime, we start reading from Chapter 40 of the manga, which corresponds to Volume 11 (contains chapters 40 to 43).