Mirai Nikki Filler List, Order to Watch and Manga after Anime

Mirai Nikki or The Future Diary, is an anime that has 26 episodes divided into 1 season, without any filler episode, the anime adapted up to chapter 59 of the manga (it has 59 chapters, completed).

Mirai Nikki
  • Rating: 3.7/5 ( votes).
  • Creator: Sakae Esuno
  • Magazine: Monthly Shōnen Ace
  • Editorial: Kadokawa Shoten
  • Published (manga): January 26, 2006
  • Studio: Asread
  • Director: Naoto Hosoda
  • Music: Tatsuya Kato
  • Premiere (anime): October 10, 2011
Score MAL: 7.4/10 1,194,499 votes.
IMDb Rating: 7.5/10 19,455 votes.

Yukiteru Amano, a reserved middle school student, meticulously records his daily activities on his phone, functioning as a digital diary. Despite his lack of friends at school, he often engages in conversations with his seemingly imaginary friends—Deus Ex Machina, the god of time and space, and Deus' servant, Mur Mur.

One ordinary day, Yukiteru wakes up to find that his cellphone predicts specific events in his future. Initially dismissing it as mere coincidence, he gradually realizes that the events documented in his phone actually unfold in the near future. As he exploits this newfound ability throughout the day, Yukiteru discovers that his classmate, Yuno Gasai, possesses a similar diary.

Joining forces to confront a mysterious pursuer, the duo learns from Deus Ex Machina that they, along with 10 other participants, are part of a survival game. The ultimate victor of this competition will inherit the mantle of deity from Deus. Left with no alternative, Yukiteru and Yuno must utilize their transformed cellphones, now known as "Future Diaries," to navigate the challenges of this ruthless battle royale and emerge triumphant.

Mirai Nikki Filler Episodes List

In this list I will mark you the filler episodes of Mirai Nikki (if it had them), the extra material of the anime, either ovas or movies will be located in Chronological Order, and finally I will mention in which chapter of the manga the anime ends or in which chapter of the manga to start reading after the anime.


The opening it covers is Kuusou Mesorogiwi (1-14), Dead End (15-26) and Madness Rain (OVA) and the endings are Blood Teller (1-14) and Filament (15-26).

  • 01. "Sign Up"
  • 02. "Contract Terms"
  • 03. "Initial Failure"
  • 04. "Hand-Written"
  • 05. "Voice Message"
  • 06. "Silent Mode"
  • 07. "Answering Machine"
  • 08. "New Model"
  • 09. "Blocking Calls"
  • 10. "Family Plan"
  • 11. "End of service"
  • 12. "No Service Area"
  • 13. "Number Withheld"
  • 14. "Memory Erased"
  • 15. "Double Holder"
  • 16. "Repair"
  • 17. "Family Discount"
  • 18. "Crossed Lines"
  • 19. "Clear Data"
  • 20. "Transfer Data"
  • 21. "Security Code"
  • 22. "Disconnect"
  • 23. "Unfulfilled Contract"
  • 24. "Searching"
  • 25. "Reset"
  • 26. "Format"  * Everything happens according to the manga, but it does not adapt the last page, so after finishing the episode I recommend that you read the last chapter of the manga, which is 59 (pages from 38 to the end ).
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