Another Filler List and Order to Watch

Another is an anime that has 12 episodes divided into 1 season, without any filler episode, the anime adapted up to chapter 20 of the manga (this has 20 chapters).

  • Rating: 3.8/5 ( votes).
  • Creator: Yukito Ayatsuji
  • Ilustrator: Hiro Kiyohara
  • Editorial: Kadokawa Shoten
  • Published (manga): April 3, 2010
  • Studio: P.A. Works
  • Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
  • Music: Kow Otani
  • Premiere (anime): January 10, 2012
Score MAL: 7.5/10 924,836 votes.
IMDb Rating: 7.5/10 15,235 votes.

In class 3-3 of Yomiyama North Junior High, transfer student Kouichi Sakakibara makes his return after taking a sick leave for the first month of school. Among his new classmates, he is inexplicably drawn toward Mei Misaki—a reserved girl with an eyepatch whom he met in the hospital during his absence. But none of his classmates acknowledge her existence; they warn him not to acquaint himself with things that do not exist. Against their words of caution, Kouichi befriends Mei—soon learning of the sinister truth behind his friends' apprehension.

The ominous rumors revolve around a former student of the class 3-3. However, no one will share the full details of the grim event with Kouichi. Engrossed in the curse that plagues his class, Kouichi sets out to discover its connection to his new friend. As a series of tragedies arise around them, it is now up to Kouichi, Mei, and their classmates to unravel the eerie mystery—but doing so will come at a hefty price.

Another Filler Episodes List

In this list I will mark you the filler episodes of Another (if it had them), the extra material of the anime, either ovas or movies will be located in Chronological Order, and finally I will mention in which chapter of the manga the anime ends or in which chapter of the manga to start reading after the anime.


The opening it covers is Kyoumu Densen (1-12) and the ending is Anamnesis (1-12).

  • 01. "Rough sketch"
  • 02. "Blueprint"
  • 03. "Bone work"
  • 04. "Put flesh"
  • 05. "Build limbs"
  • 06. "Face to face"
  • 07. "Sphere joint"
  • 08. "Hair stand"
  • 09. "Body paint"
  • 10. "Glass eye"
  • 11. "Makeup"
  • 12. "Stand by oneself"
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