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≫ Kakegurui Filler List

Kakegurui , is a manga created by the mangaka  Homura Kawamoto  and illustrated by Toru Naomura , beginning to be published continuously since  March 22, 2014  through the Gangan Joker  magazine  by the publisher Square Enix , with a total of 11 volumes, it is currently in publication. The anime adaptation began airing on July 1, 2017 on the Tokyo MX television network  , MBS, BS11, RKB, TVA  and was in charge of the MAPPA studio , under the direction of Yuichiro Hayashi , with 24 episodes: Season 1 (12 episodes),  Season 2 (12 episodes) ,and its last issue was on March 27, 2019 .

This series was licensed by  Funimation  (Canada & United States) , Crunchyroll  (Latin America) , Anime Limited  (United Kingdom).

Kakegurui Chapter List - AVOID FILLING

The story unfolds at Hyakkaou Private Academy, an elite high-class school that houses the children of the richest and most influential people in Japan and with many future leaders and professionals among the student body. However, the hierarchy of students at this school is not determined by academic performance or athletic ability, but by play. Students are ranked for their monetary contributions to the student council, fueling an intricate gaming system where students freely gamble their fortunes on each other after class. Those who win gain popularity, prestige and connections, while those who lose and go into debt become slaves of "domestic pets" at the whims of the rest of the student body, nicknamed "Doggy" or "

See Kakegurui without filler

To make it easier for you to watch Kakegurui without filler , I show you the list with the chapters to avoid or skip, so you don't waste your time on pointless chapters or just get bored with filler episodes that don't add anything to the original story. In this list of chapters of Kakegurui without filler you will also be able to appreciate the chronological order (this so that you know the order that you must see the chapters, ova or movies) , likewise this guide is divided into sagas, arcs or seasons and each chapter with its respective name to make it easier for you to locate that episode you wanted to see again, whether you watch it on Netflix or Crunchyroll. And if this were not enough, if you just saw the anime in the final part of this article you can continue in the manga chapter that this one stayed.


  • 01. "A girl named Jabami Yumeko"
  • 02. "A boring girl"
  • 03. "A girl with slanted eyes"
  • 04. "An animal-like girl"
  • 05. "A girl who became human"
  • 06. "A provocative girl"
  • 07. "A rejected girl"
  • 08. "A girl who loves dancing"
  • 09. "A dreamy girl"
  • 10. "Sentaku suru onna"
  • 11. "Jinsei or kakeru onna"
  • 12. "Kakegurui no Onna"

SEASON 2: Kakegurui xx

  • 13. "The return of compulsive gamblers"
  • 14. "The Momobami Girl Clan"
  • 15. "The untouchable woman"
  • 16. "Women in tune"
  • 17. "The changing woman"
  • 18. "The Hollywood Woman"
  • 19. "The Treacherous Woman"
  • 20. "The invincible woman"
  • 21. "The Adjacent Woman"
  • 22. "The logical woman"
  • 23. "Woman X"
  • 24. "The Zero Woman"
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