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≫ Inuyashiki Filler List

Inuyashiki Last Hero , is a manga of the fiction and drama genre created by the mangaka  Hiroya Oku Inagaki  (another of his works was Gantz ) and illustrated by himself, beginning to be published since  January 2014  through Evening  magazine  by Kodansha publishing house , with a total of 10 volumes, being last published in  July 2017 . The anime adaptation began airing on October 12, 2017 on  Fuji TV (NoitaminA)  and was in charge of the MAPPA studio , under the direction of Keiichi Sato and Shuhei Yabuta , with 11 episodes:Season 1 (11 episodes) , culminating the first season on December 21, 2017 .

This series was licensed by  Selecta Vision  (Spain) , Anime Limited  (Canada & the United States) , Crunchyroll  (Latin America) . Inuyashiki Ichiro

List of Inuyashiki Chapters - AVOID FILLING

He is a middle-aged man, friendless, with an indifferent family. One fateful afternoon in an almost empty public park, he is hit by an explosion of extraterrestrial origin, and his body is replaced by an incredibly powerful, but still very human, mechanical body. He quickly realizes the extent of his body's powers, and after saving a homeless man beaten by a group of teenagers, he decides to dedicate himself to doing good, using his powers to heal those with incurable diseases and combat the crime.

However, a teenager who was with him at the time of the explosion, Shishigami Hiro, had the same fate as Ichiro, but unlike Inuyashiki, Shishigami becomes a psychopath who uses his new abilities to murder people, from fellow kind of bother you. To innocent families, including toddlers and babies, just for fun. His acts of ruthless cruelty attract the attention of the police, who can do nothing to stop him. Hiro becomes the country's most wanted criminal.

The series follows these two different individuals who once shared the same bizarre experience, as their paths are bound to collide.

See Inuyashiki without filler

To make it easier for you to watch Inuyashiki without filler , I show you the list with the chapters to avoid or skip, so you don't waste your time on pointless chapters or just get bored with filler episodes that don't add anything to the original story. In this list of Inuyashiki chapters without filler you will also be able to appreciate the chronological order (this so that you know the order that you must see the chapters, ova or movies) , likewise this guide is divided into sagas, arcs or seasons and each chapter with its respective name to make it easier for you to locate that episode you wanted to see again, whether you watch it on Netflix or Crunchyroll. And if this were not enough, if you just saw the anime in the final part of this article you can continue in the manga chapter that this one stayed.


The opening opening is  My Hero (1-11)  and the ending is  Ai wo Oshiete Kureta Kimi e (1-11) .

  • 01. "" Ichirō Inuyashiki "
  • 02. "" Hiro Shishigami "
  • 03. "" Naoyuki Ando "
  • 04. "« Samejima "
  • 05. "Yuko Shishigami"
  • 06. "« Nichan no hito tachi "
  • 07. "« Shion Watanabe "
  • 08. "" Mari Inuyashiki "
  • 09. "« Shinjuku no Hito-tachi "
  • 10. "" Tōkyō no Hito-tachi "
  • 11. "" Chikyū no Hito-tachi "
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