Deadman Wonderland Filler List and Order to Watch

Deadman Wonderland is an anime that has 12 episodes divided into 1 season, without any filler episode, the anime adapted up to chapter 21 of the manga (this has 58 chapters, completed).

  • Rating: 3.6/5 ( votes).
  • Creator: Jinsei Kataoka
  • Ilustrator: Kazuma Kondou
  • Editorial: Shōnen Ace
  • Published (manga): September 26, 2007
  • Studio: Manglobe
  • Director: Koichi Hatsumi
  • Music: NARASAKI
  • Premiere (anime): April 16, 2011
Score MAL: 7.2/10 675,512 votes.
IMDb Rating: 7.1/10 12,367 votes.

It seemed like an ordinary day for Ganta Igarashi and his classmates as they prepared for a class field trip to the peculiar prison amusement park known as Deadman Wonderland, where prisoners engage in perilous performances for the entertainment of spectators. However, Ganta's life takes a drastic turn when a mysterious man in red massacres his entire class. Wrongfully accused of the tragedy and condemned to death, Ganta is ironically sent to the very prison he was meant to visit.

Yet, Ganta's ordeal is only just commencing.

Thrown into a realm of sadistic inmates and mysterious abilities, he must constantly live in fear of the deadly collar around his neck, whose countdown can only be slowed by succeeding in the prison's lethal games. In this merciless environment, where distinguishing between friend and foe is not always straightforward, Ganta must stake his life to survive. Simultaneously, he strives to uncover the identity of the elusive "Red Man" and clear his name within the confines of Deadman Wonderland.

Deadman Wonderland Filler Episodes List

In this list I will mark you the filler episodes of Deadman Wonderland (if it had them), the extra material of the anime, either ovas or movies will be located in Chronological Order, and finally I will mention in which chapter of the manga the anime ends or in which chapter of the manga to start reading after the anime.


The opening it covers is One Reason (1-12) and the ending is Shiny Shiny (1-12).

  • 01. "Death Row Inmate"
  • 02. "Antidote (Candy)"
  • 03. "G Block"
  • 04. "Crow Claw"
  • 05. "Carrion Festival (Carnival Corpse)"
  • 06. "Hummingbird"
  • 07. "Original Sin (Wretched Egg)"
  • 08. "Chains of Freedom (Scar Chain)"
  • 09. "Pro-oxidant (Worm Eater)"
  • 10. "Caretaker (Undertaker)"
  • 11. "GIG of Despair"
  • 12. "Relief (Grateful Dead)"
  • <-------- OVA 1: Wielder of the Red Knife -------->

What chapter of the manga is Deadman Wonderland anime on?

Last Episode Corresponds to: We start reading from:

The last episode that was adapted from the manga was the 12th of Season 1, which corresponds to Chapters 19 (pp. 21-47), 20 and 21, which is where the anime leave off.


So if we want to continue the manga after the anime, we must start reading from Chapter 22 of the manga, this corresponds to Volume 6 (contains chapters 22 to 26).