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Beelzebub Filler List and Order to Watch

Beelzebub is an anime that has 60 episodes divided into 1 season, without any filler episode, the anime adapted up to chapter 121 of the manga (this has 240 chapters).

  • Rating: 4.0/5 ( votes).
  • Creator: Ryūhei Tamura
  • Magazine: Shōnen Jump
  • Editorial: Shūeisha
  • Published (manga): February 23, 2009
  • Studio: Pierrot+
  • Director: Nobuhiro Takamoto
  • Music: Yasuharu Takanashi, Kenji Fujisawa
  • Premiere (anime): January 9, 2011
Score MAL: 7.9/10 276,801 votes.
IMDb Rating: 7.5/10 2,261 votes.

Ishiyama High is a school exclusively inhabited by troublemakers, where constant chaos and disregard for rules prevail. Amidst this environment, there is a universally acknowledged principle: avoid crossing paths with first-year student Tatsumi Oga, Ishiyama's most formidable brawler.

One day, while Oga is near a riverbed, he comes across a man drifting downstream. Upon rescuing the man, he unexpectedly splits open, revealing a baby. This infant, who quickly forms a bond with Oga, is none other than Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, nicknamed "Baby Beel"—the offspring of the Demon Lord!

As if discovering the heir to the Underworld's throne isn't challenging enough, Oga also faces Hildegard, Beel's demon maid. Together, they embark on the task of raising Baby Beel. However, surrounded by delinquents and supernatural forces, their journey may prove to be a more formidable undertaking than they could have ever anticipated.

Beelzebub Filler Episodes List

In this list I will mark you the filler episodes of Beelzebub (if it had them), the extra material of the anime, either ovas or movies will be located in Chronological Order, and finally I will mention in which chapter of the manga the anime ends or in which chapter of the manga to start reading after the anime.


The opening it covers is Dadada (1-10), Hajimaru no wa, Sayonara (11-23), Hey!!! (24-35), Baby U! (36-48), Only you -Kimi to no Kizuna- (49-60) and the ending is Answer (1-10), Tsuyogari (11-23), Nanairo☆Namida (24-35), PaPePiPu♪ PaPiPePu♪ PaPePiPuPo♪ (36-48), Shojo Traveler (49-59), Dadada (60).

  • 01. "I Picked Up the Demon King"
  • 02. "I Became a Gang Leader with a Child"
  • 03. "Are There Any Strong, Ruthless Bastards Around?"
  • 04. "There Is One Second Before the Demon Lord's Floods Burst Forth"
  • 05. "Money can buy anything"
  • 06. "Toys Have Arrived from the Demon World/We Played Doctor"
  • 07. "The Demon Lord makes his Park Debut"
  • 08. "We Meet Again"
  • 09. "Love is a Hurricane"
  • 10. "A Disciple was Gained"
  • 11. "There was Something Money Could not Buy"  * Filler
  • 12. "I Won't Let You Sleep Tonight"  * Filler
  • 13. "Baby Beel's Assessment Test / Hilda: Dear Great Demon Lord"  * Filler
  • 14. "Is there a Special Move?"  *Filler
  • 15. "The Delinquents have Changed into Swimsuits"
  • 16. "You're Not a Bad Specimen of a Man"
  • 17. "How About Some Demon World Homework?"  *Filler
  • 18. "I Quit being the Baby on Back Brawler"
  • 19. "The Doctor has Arrived"
  • 20. "Everyone Assemble"
  • 21. "Who Do You Think Is Ishiyama's Strongest?"
  • 22. "Secluded Mountain Training"
  • 23. "You Kidding Me? The Demon World"
  • 24. "Welcome Back, Demon World!"
  • 25. "New Semester Started"
  • 26. "May I Call You Brother"
  • 27. "Called the Magical Girl"  * Filler
  • 28. "Let's All Get Physicals"  *Filler
  • 29. "What Are the 6 Holy Knights?"
  • 30. "Who Could the 6 Holy Knights Be?"
  • 31. "What has the Transfer Girl Done?"
  • 32. "Who is the transferred girl?"
  • 33. "There Are Wounds in the Past"
  • 34. "Maids Run Amok"  * Filler
  • 35. "Time for the Game to Begin"
  • 36. "The Victory has Finally Arrived"
  • 37. "This Man is a Teacher"
  • 38. "The Sibling Rivalry Has Begun"
  • 39. "His Brother was a Crybaby"  * Filler
  • 40. "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Assassins"
  • 41. "On the Brink! What'll We Do?"
  • 42. "It's Time to Train"
  • 43. "Where Did the Older Brother Disappear To?"
  • 44. "I Have to Get Stronger"
  • 45. "There's One Day and 1 Hour Left Until the Game"
  • 46. "Burn, Super Combination!"
  • 47. "Sorry to Have Kept You Waiting"
  • 48. "I'm His Parent"
  • 49. "Beelzebub's New Year's Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West!"  *Filler
  • 50. "Today I'm Different On The Inside"
  • 51. "Komainu-sama is Watching You"
  • 52. "And Then There Were No Delinquents"  * Filler
  • 53. "Baby Beel's First Conquest/Furuichi Falls In Love"  * Filler
  • 54. "Black Baby Beel Grows Up"  * Filler
  • 55. "I Have Lost My Pompadour/The Great Demon Lord Has Come"  * Filler
  • 56. "Are You A Traitor?/Is This A Job For Men?"  *Filler
  • 57. "Won't You Eat a Manju?/Won't You Get In A Mixed Bath?"  *Filler
  • 58. "Akumano Academy is Open"
  • 59. "We`re the Strongest"
  • 60. "I Won`t Say Goodbye"  *Filler

What chapter of the manga is Beelzebub anime on?

Last Episode Corresponds to: We started reading from:

The last episode that aired is 59 corresponding to Chapter 119, 120 and 121 of the manga, which is where the anime leave off.


So if we want to continue the manga after the anime, we must start reading from Chapter 122 of the manga, this corresponds to Volume 14 (contains chapters 116 to 124).