Darwin's Game Filler List and Order to Watch

Darwin's Game is an anime that has 11 episodes divided into 1 season, with 0 filler episodes and its percentage is 0%. The anime adapted up to chapter 31 of the manga (this has 107 chapters, being published)

  • Rating: 3.6/5 ( votes).
  • Written by: FLIPFLOPs
  • Published by: Akita Shoten
  • Magazine: Bessatsu Shōnen Champion
  • Original run (manga): December 12, 2012 – October 12, 2023
  • Studio: Nexus
  • Directed by: Yoshinobu Tokumoto
  • Music by: Kenichiro Suehiro
  • Original run (anime): January 3, 2020 – March 20, 2020
Score MAL: 7.2/10 295,576 votes.
IMDb Rating: 7.2/10 2,604 votes.

High school student Kaname Sudou receives an invitation from a classmate to engage in Darwin's Game, a mobile game unfamiliar to him. Despite his lack of knowledge about the game, when he activates the application, an unexpected green snake emerges from his phone screen, biting his neck and rendering him unconscious. Upon waking up in the infirmary without any visible signs of a snake bite, the school advises him to take the rest of the day off. Despite his confusion, he brushes off the bizarre incident as a hallucination and heads home by train.

However, curiosity gets the better of him, leading him to use the application once more. Initially relieved as the game seems like a typical battle game, Kaname's contentment is short-lived. His in-game opponent suddenly materializes in front of him, wielding a knife and intent on hunting him down. Realizing that Darwin's Game is not an ordinary pastime but rather a ruthless struggle for survival, Kaname frantically runs for his life.

Darwin's Game Filler Episodes List

The list will mark the filler episodes of Darwin's Game (if any) and so that you can watch the anime in order, the extra material, whether ovas or movies, will be located according to their chronology. At the end, I will mention to you which chapter of the manga the anime ends and where to start reading the manga after the anime.


The first season has 11 episodes, the openings used are CHAIN (1-11) and the ending is Alive (1-11). ~ Adapted from manga 1 to 31.

  • 01. "First Game"
  • 02. "Gemstone Mine"
  • 03. "Ignition"
  • 04. "Fireworks"
  • 05. "Aquarium"
  • 06. "Hardness"
  • 07. "Eighth"
  • 08. "Fragile"
  • 09. "Heads Up"
  • 10. "Old One"
  • 11. "Sunset Ravens"

Where to start Darwin's Game manga after anime?

Last Episode Corresponds to: We started reading from:

The last episode that aired is 11 of Season 1 corresponding to Chapter 29, 30 and 31 (p. 1-22) of the manga, which is where the anime leave off.


If you want to continue the story of the manga after the anime, start reading from Chapter 31 (p. 23) of the manga, this corresponds to Volume 8 (this compiles chapters 29 to 32).