KenIchi Filler List and Order to Watch

Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi or KenIchi: The Mightiest Disciple, is an anime that has 50 episodes divided into 4 seasons, with 2 filler episodes, this one adapted up to chapter 198 of the manga, which is where the anime ends (it has 583 chapters, finished).

KenIchi: The Mightiest Disciple
  • Rating: 4.1/5 ( votes).
  • Creator: Syun Matsuena
  • Magazine: Shōnen Sunday
  • Editorial: Shōgakukan
  • Published (manga): 9 de agosto de 2002
  • Studio: TMS Entertainment
  • Director: Hajime Kamegaki
  • Music: Joe Rinoie
  • Premiere (anime): 7 de octubre de 2006
Score MAL: 8.1/10 154,898 votes.
IMDb Rating: 8.1/10 2,353 votes.

When not enduring beatings in the karate club after school, high school student Kenichi Shirahama can often be found engrossed in one of the many self-help books he carries daily. One day, inadvertently startling the new student in his class, Kenichi finds himself thrown to the ground. After apologizing for her reflexive reaction, the new student, Miu Furinji, introduces herself and extends a hand of friendship to Kenichi.

Following karate club practice, Kenichi faces an ultimatum from a fellow member: a fight is scheduled for the next week, and the loser must leave the club permanently. While bemoaning his anticipated defeat, Kenichi witnesses Miu effortlessly repel three thugs. Frustrated with being a constant target for stronger individuals, he seeks guidance from Miu on improving his fighting skills. Miu directs him to her grandfather's dojo, Ryouzanpaku, where an assortment of skilled—and eccentric—masters of extreme martial arts convene to refine their abilities. Miu assures Kenichi that he'll grow significantly stronger but emphasizes the challenge of staying alive.

With these foreboding words lingering and the emergence of a criminal martial arts gang named "Ragnarok" posing a threat to those around him, Kenichi embarks on a journey to become a formidable fighter and a protector of the vulnerable.

KenIchi Filler Episodes List

In this list I will mark you the filler episodes of KenIchi (if it had them), the extra material of the anime, either ovas or movies will be located in Chronological Order, and finally I will mention in which chapter of the manga the anime ends or in which chapter of the manga to start reading after the anime.


The opening cover is  Be Strong! (1-25) and Yahoo! (26-50)  and the ending is  Kimi ga iru kara (1-50) .

  • 01. "History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi!"
  • 02. "The Strongest Transformation! Rhythmn Ryouzanpaku!"
  • 03. "Summit Showdown! The Man Who Carries the Spear of Legend"
  • 04. "The Genius' Weakness! Hard Work Overcomes Talent!"
  • 05. "Farewell! Niijima The Sally of Decision"* Filler
  • 06. "The blow of separation! Kisara's dance!"
  • 07. "Shinpaku Alliance Crumbles! The Mad Fist Draws Near"
  • 08. "Limiter! The Asura Realm's Lure"
  • 09. "Elder 's special training! Do or die mountain seclusion!"
  • 10. "Seikouken's Terror! The Dragon's Dance Descends!"
  • 11. "The Promised Land! Everything Starts from Here"
  • 12. "Shigure's Personal Teachings"
  • 13. "Human bullet game of lovely kitten women!"
  • 14. "Dangerous Temptation! Let's eat the hot pot together"
  • 15. "Miu vs. Renka! The Triangle that Calls up a Storm"
  • 16. "No Burdens! The Time of Conclusion Arrives."
  • 17. "Don't Lose! The Last words of a Loved One."
  • 18. "Take him down Kenichi. Let your fist do the talking!"
  • 19. "Honoka's Crisis! Loki's Strategy"
  • 20. "Honoka I'll Save You"
  • 21. "Results of the Training! The Result Of Small Steps!!"
  • 22. "What Fear, Sieg! Prelude For Destruction"
  • 23. "The Assault Commander Joins In! Restaurant Scuffle"* Filler
  • 24. "Hard vs. Soft! The Sibling's Quarrel After the Long Separation"
  • 25. "The Mask Removed! Hermit's Real Identity!"
  • 26. "Protect to the Death Kenichi! Miu's Lips"
  • 27. "The Stolen Heart! Miu's Juliet!"
  • 28. "Attack ! The neighboring Ryouzanpaku !"
  • 29. "Young Ones, Gather! The Formation of the Shinpaku Alliance!"
  • 30. "Unforgivable! Kenichi's Fist of Anger!"
  • 31. "Takeda's Crisis! The Law of Retribution!"
  • 32. "The Strongest Member of the Ragnarok Team, the 8th Member!"
  • 33. "Amusement??? To The Secret Furinji Island!"
  • 34. "Protect the Sign! Attack on the Dojo!"
  • 35. "Ryôzanpaku's Greatest Crisis!!?"
  • 36. "Honoka Sneaks In! Ryôzanpaku's Guest"
  • 37. "Dedicated Training! Nearby Hot Spring Bath"
  • 38. "Killer Fighting Techniques! Rules Of A Battle!"
  • 39. "A New Enemy! Tsuji Shinnosuke!"
  • 40. "The Fist of Betrayal! Takeda's Sad Past"
  • 41. "Run Kenichi! A Boxer's Weakness"
  • 42. "Apapapa! Apachai's Training"
  • 43. "Amazing Muscles! The Sensei's Secret"
  • 44. "Battle! The Gang Fights Back!"
  • 45. "A Day At Ryouzanpaku! The Dream On The Roof!"
  • 46. "A Date? Must Move Forward!"
  • 47. "Fighting Hell! To Fight Or Not To Fight"
  • 48. "Strength and Courage! For Protecting Justice!"
  • 49. "The First Step! The Start of the Battle!"
  • 50. "The Place where the Heroes Gather"
  • <-------- OVA 1: New Assassins! -------->
  • <-------- OVA 2: The Girl from China! -------->
  • <-------- OVA 3: Beautiful Assassin! -------->
  • <-------- OVA 4: Beautiful Wings! -------->
  • <-------- OVA 5: God of Death vs The Demon! -------->
  • <-------- OVA 6: The Soldier from Russia! -------->
  • <-------- OVA 7: Conviction Concentrated in One's Fist! -------->
  • <-------- OVA 8: The God of Destruction Under the Tracks -------->
  • <-------- OVA 9: Anonymous (18 years) ♡ -------->
  • <-------- OVA 10: The King of Tidat (1) -------->
  • <-------- OVA 11: The King of Tidat (2) -------->

What chapter of the manga is Kenichi anime on?

Last Episode Corresponds to: We start reading from:

The last canon material that aired was the OVA 11: The King of Tidat (2) corresponding to Chapter 184 (pags. 17-20), 185, 186, 187, 188, 196 and 197 of the manga, which is where the anime leave off.


So if we want to continue the manga after the anime, we must start reading from Chapter 198 of the manga, this corresponds to Volume 23 (contains chapters 198 to 207).