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≫ Dr. Stone Filler List

Dr. Stone , is a Post Apocalyptic manga created by mangaka Riichiro Inagaki  (another of his works was Eyeshield 21 ) and illustrated by Boichi , beginning to be published from  March 6, 2017  through Shonen Jump  magazine  by the Shueisha publishing house , with a total of 11 volumes, is currently still in publication. The anime adaptation began broadcasting on July 5, 2019 by the Tokyo MX  television network  and was in charge of the TMS Entertainment studio , under the direction of Shinya Iino , with 24 episodes: Season 1 (24 episodes), currently being broadcast.

This series was licensed by  Selecta Vision  (Spain) , Anime Limited  (Canada & the United States) , Crunchyroll  (Latin America) . The typical Taiju student

Dr. Stone Unfilled Episodes

He tells his science-loving friend Senku that he's finally about to confess to Yuzuriha, whom he has been secretly in love with for five years. Finding himself under a camphor tree on the school grounds, just as Taiju is about to confess, a bright light appears in the sky. Taiju pushes Yuzuriha toward the tree to protect her, but the light suddenly petrifies. All humanity, with every human on Earth turning to stone. Most humans begin to lose consciousness as all traces of civilization decay, but Taiju lives on as the years go by with his motivation to free both himself and Yuzuriha. Finally, Taiju breaks free from the stone and finds a message engraved on the tree leading him to discover that Senku has also escaped from the stone, keeping his conscience alive by counting how long he has been petrified. Thus, Taiju learns that the date is now October 5, 5738 ...

See Dr. Stone without filler

To make it easier for you to watch Dr. Stone without filler , I show you the list with the chapters to avoid or skip, so you don't waste your time on pointless chapters or just get bored with filler episodes that don't add anything to the original story. . In this list of chapters of Dr. Stone without filler you will also be able to appreciate the chronological order (this so that you know the order that you must see the chapters, ova or movies) , likewise this guide is divided into sagas, arcs or seasons and each chapter with its respective name to make it easier for you to locate that episode you wanted to see again, whether you watch it on Netflix or Crunchyroll. And if this were not enough, if you just saw the anime in the final part of this article you can continue in the manga chapter that this one stayed.


The opening cover is  Good Morning World! (1-24)  and the ending is  LIFE "by Rude-α (1-24) .

  • 01. "World of stone"
  • 02. "King of the stone world"
  • 03. "Weapons of science"
  • 04. "Fire the Smoke Signal"
  • 05. "The Beginning of the Stone World"
  • 06. "Two Nations of the Stone World» "
  • 07. "The Whereabouts of 2 Million Years"
  • 08. "Stone Path"
  • 09. "Let there be the Light of Science"
  • 10. "A Delicate Alliance"
  • 11. "Clear World"
  • 12. "Companions Back to Back"
  • 13. "Masked Warrior"
  • 14. "Master of the Flame"
  • 15. "The Culmination of 2 Million Years"
  • 16. "A Story for all Eternity"
  • 17. "100 Nights and 1,000 Heavens"
  • 18. "Stone War"
  • 19. "Towards Modernity"
  • 20. "The Age of Energy"
  • 21. "Heavy Crafts Club"
  • 22. "The Treasury"
  • 23. "Tide of Science"
  • 24. "Voices at Infinite Distances"

In which chapter of the manga continues Dr. Stone?

Anime episode
"The last anime episode of Dr. Stone that aired is the 24th which corresponds to chapter 59 of the manga with the name" Dr. Stone ".»
Manga Chapter
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