Dosanko Gal wa Namara Menkoi Filler List and Watch Order

Dosanko Gal wa Namara Menkoi or Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!, is an anime that has 12 episodes divided into 1 season, with 0 filler episodes and its percentage is 0%. The anime adapted up to chapter 32 of the manga (this has 80 chapters, being published)

  • Rating: 3.7/5 3 ( votes).
  • Written by: Kai Ikada
  • Published by: Shueisha
  • Magazine: Shōnen Jump+
  • Original run (manga): September 4, 2019 – present
  • Studio: Silver Link, Blade
  • Directed by: Mirai Minato, Misuzu Hoshino
  • Music by: Sounosuke Takao
  • Original run (anime): January 9, 2024 – present
Score MAL: 7.2/10 45,909 votes.
IMDb Rating: 6.7/10 443 votes.

After relocating from Tokyo to Hokkaido, high schooler Tsubasa Shiki decides to explore the charming winter scenery he couldn't experience in the bustling capital. However, his romanticized perception of Japan's northernmost region quickly shatters as he grapples with the intense cold. While navigating his way to his new home, Tsubasa encounters Minami Fuyuki, a cheerful Hokkaido native unfazed by the chilly weather, despite wearing a short skirt. Engaging in conversation with her, Tsubasa realizes that the harsh winter conditions aren't the only challenge he faces.

The following day, Tsubasa is surprised to find Fuyuki not only in his class but seated right beside him. Drawn in by Fuyuki's persistent efforts to befriend him, Tsubasa becomes fascinated by life in Hokkaido and the captivating girl determined to forge a connection with him. As he forms bonds with Fuyuki and other stylish girls at his school, Tsubasa discovers the irresistible charm of Hokkaido girls.

Dosanko Gal wa Namara Menkoi Filler Episodes List

The list will mark the filler episodes of Dosanko Gal wa Namara Menkoi (if any) and so that you can watch the anime in order, the extra material, whether ovas or movies, will be located according to their chronology. At the end, I will mention to you which chapter of the manga the anime ends and where to start reading the manga after the anime.


The first season has 12 episodes, the opening used is Namaramenkoi Gyaru (1-12); the ending used is Wayawayawa-! (1-12).

  • 01. "Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!"
  • 02. "It's Super Warm Inside the Snow Fort"
  • 03. "Akino-san Is Super Unfriendly"
  • 04. "Nighttime Calls Are Super Ticklish"
  • 05. "Super Bitter, Super Sweet"
  • 06. "Natsukawa-Senpai Is Super Good-Looking"
  • 07. "Final Exams Are Super Hard"
  • 08. "Yakiniku with Friends Is Super Delish"
  • 09. "Lake Abashiri Is Super Relaxing"
  • 10. "Time Flies Super Fast"
  • 11. "Youth Hits Super Hard in the Feels"
  • 12. "Life Without You Feels Super Off"

Where to start Dosanko Gal wa Namara Menkoi manga after anime?

Last Episode Corresponds to: We started reading from:

The last episode that aired is 12 of Season 1 corresponding to Chapter 31.20, 32.10 and 32.20 of the manga, which is where the anime leave off.


If you want to continue the story of the manga after the anime, start reading from Chapter 33 of the manga, this corresponds to Volume 4 (this compiles chapters 27 to 35).