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Nanatsu no Taizai (In English it is with the name of The Seven Deadly Sins and the Spanish The Seven Deadly Sins ) is an anime created by the Mangaka Nakaba Suzuki , published as a manga since October 10, 2012 by Weekly Shonen Magazine. Its adaptation to the anime was by the studio A-1 Picture , which began broadcasting from October 5, 2014 to March 29, 2015. After the end of the first season of the series, 2 eggs were released (June 27 of 2015 and August 12, 2015, respectively) and then a series with the name " Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirush"It was aired to continue the series and as an advance to what would be the second season" Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu "which premiered in January 2018.

This series was licensed by Funimation (United States) and Netflix ( Latin America) The third princess of the kingdom of Liones " Elizabeth Liones ", after a coup d'etat by the Holy Knights decides to escape and embark on a search in order to find some ancient knights called " The 7 deadly sins
Nanatsu no Taizai Filler List

", which was composed of the worst criminals in the kingdom. One morning a mysterious knight in armor arrives at a local tavern, this makes people think that he is one of the Seven Sins , and all but the young owner of the tavern and his companion Hwak - a pig who can speak - flees in terror, but the one in the armor was Elizabeth herself who fainted with fatigue.The young owner of the tavern reveals that it is Meliodas , the Sin of Dragon's Wrath and the Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. From that moment the three Deadly Sins decide to go looking for the other Sins.

Filler episodes to skip in Nanatsu no Taizai

Nanatsu no Taizai  is an anime that does not have filling episodes , but to follow the anime correctly you must know the order to see nanatsu no taizai , since the episodes, ova and specials have a certain time in history, and if only you focus on the chapters you will miss many things, you will also get confused since the story will not match. For this reason, below I show you how to see nanatsu no taizai in order,  in this article I show you the episodes that are filled and also the battles, openings, endings divided by seasons or sagas. If you just saw this anime, I recommend "Black Clover" which is the genre of adventure, comedy and magic, here is the black clover filler list guide .


The openings it covers are  Netsujō no Spectrum (1-12) and Seven Deadly Sins (13-24)  and the endings are  7-seven- (1-12) and Season (13-26) .

  • 001. "The Seven Deadly Sins"
  • 002. "The Sword of the Holy Knight""
  • 003. "The Sin in the Sleeping Forest"  *Meliodas vs. Gilthunder
  • 004. "A Little Girl's Dream"
  • 005. "Even If You Should Die"  * Meliodas vs. Golgius
  • 006. "The Poem of Beginnings" * Meliodas vs. Ruin, Ban vs. Jude, Friesia vs. Diane
  • 007. "A Touching Reunion"  * Past Ban, King vs. Ban
  • 008. "The Fearsome Pursuer"  * Past Ban, Guila vs. Meliodas, Ban & Diane
  • 009. "Dark Pulse" * Guila vs. King
  • 010. "The Vaizel Fighting Festival"
  • 011. "Pent-Up Feelings"
  • 012. "Bloodcurdling Cannon"  * Ban vs. Jericho, Guila vs. Meliodas, King vs. Helbram
  • 013. "The Angel of Destruction"  * Meliodas & Diane vs. Helbram
  • 014. "A Reader of Books"
  • 015. "Unholy Knight"
  • 016. "The Legends, Provoked"
  • 017. "The First Sacrifice"  * Diane vs. Dreyfus
  • 018. "Even If It Costs Me My Life"  * Past Dreyfus, King vs. Helbram
  • 019. "The Fairy King Waits in Vain" * Past Diane & King
  • 020. "The Courage Charm"  * Meliodas vs. Gilthunder,  Hendrickson vs. Gilthunder
  • 021. "The Looming Threat"
  • 022. "What I Can Do for You"  * Hendrickson vs. Dreysus, King vs. Helbram, Meliodas vs. Ban
  • 023. "Despair Descends"  * Hendrickson vs. Meliodas
  • 024. "The Heroes"  * Hendrickson vs. Meliodas


  • 001. "Bandit Ban"
  • 002. "Heroes Fun Time -Extra Stories Compilation-"

SEISEN NO SHIRUSHI (Signs of Holy War)

The opening it covers is  CLASSIC (1-4)  and the endings is Iroasenai Hitomi (1-4) .

  • 001. "The Dark Dream Begins"
  • 002. "Our Fighting Festival"
  • 003. "In Pursuit of First Love"
  • 004. "The Shape of Love"

SEASON 2: Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no fukkatsu

The openings they cover are  Howling (1-12), Ame ga Furu kara Niji ga Deru (13-24)  and the endings are  Beautiful (1-12) and Chikai (13-24) .

  • 000. "The Seven Deadly Sins Revival of The Commandments -Prologue-"
  • 001. "Revival of the Demon Clan"
  • 002. "Existence and Proof"
  • 003. "Sacred Treasure Lostvayne"
  • 004. "The Ten Commandments on the Move"
  • 005. "Overwhelming Violence"  * Galand vs. Meliodas, Diane & Merlin 
  • 006. "The Great Holy Knight Atones For His Sins"
  • 007. "Where Memories Lead"
  • 008. "The Druids' Holy Land"  * Diane & Matrona vs. Galand & Monspeet
  • 009. "A Promise to A Loved One"  * Past Ban
  • 010. "What We Lacked"  * Past Ban
  • 011. "Father and Son"  * Past Ban  * Galand vs. Meliodas
  • 012. "Where Love is Found"  * Ban vs. Elaine
  • 013. "Farewell, Beloved Thief"  * Ban vs. Elaine,  Ban vs. Galand & Melascula
  • 014. "Master of the Sun"  * Escanor vs. Galand & Melascula
  • 015. "A Bloodcurdling Confession"
  • 016. "Death-Trap Maze"
  • 017. "Legendary Figures"
  • 018. "For Whom Does That Light Shine?" * Past of Escanor
  • 019. "Meliodas vs The Ten Commandments" * Meliodas vs. Gloxinia, Drole & 10 commandments
  • 020. "Pursuit of Hope"  * Ban vs. Estarossa
  • 021. "Certain Warmth"
  • 022. "Return of the Sins" * Escanor vs. Estarossa
  • 023. "The Hero Rises!" * Merlin vs. Grayroad - Dreyfus & Hendrickson vs. Fraudrin
  • 024. "As Long As You Are Here" * Meliodas vs. Fraudrin
  • <--------------------- OVA 3: Heroes' Frolic --------------------->
  • <--------------------- Movie 1: The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods --------------------->

SEASON 3: Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin

The openings they cover are  ROB THE FRONTIER (1-?) And the endings is Regeneration (1-?) .

  • 001. "The Light That Disperses Darkness"
  • 002. "Memories of the Holy War"
  • 003. "Let There Be Light"
  • 004. "The Ten Commandments vs. The Four Archangels"
  • 005. "Emotional Maelstrom"
  • 006. "We Call That Love"
  • 007. "Deadly Sins Unite!"
  • 008. "The Doll Seeks Love"
  • 009. "The Cursed Lovers"

In which chapter of the manga does Nanatsu no Taizai continue?

Anime episode
«The last anime episode of Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin that aired is 08 which corresponds to chapter 218 of the manga " Nanatsu no Taizai ". »
Chapter Manga

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