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Sometimes it is necessary to resort to support in order to continue with what you are passionate about, even though I am fascinated by what I do and want to continue doing it , I cannot disregard my obligations. This page was built just to help anime fans who want to see data from anime, filling episodes, chronological order, etc . It is not an easy task, since it absorbs you a lot of time, because you have to see the anime again and compare it with the manga, in order to find their differences (filling) and detail it in the list .

For this reason, I ask for your support to continue with this site and thus add more anime to the list faster:


It has a very peculiar function since all it does is simulate that you are inviting me a coffee based on the price of one:

Invite coffee

You select the amount of "coffee" that you want to buy and optionally leave a message that you can mark as private so that only I read it, or leave it public. If you invite me, I would appreciate it very much.

This would be another option, you can specify any amount using my link. Any help is good for that, I appreciate everyone equally and I greatly appreciate it.


The use of your contribution

The contributions will be used to help with the payment of the domain and hosting (since I plan to move to a hosting), pay crunchyroll or netflix subscriptions and pay for the internet line.