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≫ Akame ga Kill! Filler List

Akame ga Kill! It is a manga by Genre Shonen, the script was in charge of Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro , published monthly by Square Enix in Gangan Joker since March 20, 2010 ending December 22, 2016, with 15 volumes and a second season entitled " Akame ga Kill! Zero " with 15 volumes. The anime adaptation was aired since July 6, 2014 by White Fox, C-Station (ONA) and broadcast on Tokyo MX, MBS, BS11, AT-X, with a total of 24 episodes.

This series was licensed by  Hanabee (Australia) , Sentai Filmworks (United States), Anime Limited (United Kingdom) , Selecta Vision (Spain) , Crunchyroll (Latin America).

Tatsumi is a young man who lives in the countryside, who decides to go to the capital of the Empire to join the army in order to ascend quickly, earn money and help his people from famine due to the excessive taxes they are forced to pay . But when you enter the city, you come across the harsh reality that not everything is as he thought. After witnessing a horrible murder carried out by the corrupt inhabitants of the empire and the death of his friends, he decides to join Night Raid, a branch of the Revolutionary Army that opposes the empire, dedicating himself to intelligence management in the capital and carrying carried out murders commissioned by the organization.

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Akame ga Kill  a very good anime but little promoted, because of this its adaptation to the anime had to only settle for 24 episodes, in addition to varying the final assumption they put in the series that does not correspond to the manga that does not even cover the first season , not to mention that there is still a 2 part entitled " Akame ga Kill! Zero ", but that the anime returns is complicated and if you like the series you will have to follow the story in the manga. In this article you can find out about the filler episodes of akame ga kill !! , also the name of the episodes and in which chapter of the manga you can continue the anime.



The openings they cover are  Skyreach (1-14), Liar Mask (15-24)  and the endings are  Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta (1-14), Tsuki Akari (15-24) .

  • 01. "Kill the Darkness"
  • 02. "Kill the Authority"
  • 03. "Kill your Concerns"
  • 04. "Kill the Teigu User"
  • 05. "Kill the Dream"
  • 06. "Kill the Absolute Justice"
  • 07. "Kill the Three Beasts - Part 1"
  • 08. "Kill the Three Beasts - Part 2"
  • 09. "Kill the Fight Fanatic"
  • 10. "Kill the Temptation"
  • 11. "Kill the Mad Scientist"
  • 12. "Kill Newcomers"
  • 13. "Kill the Clogs"
  • 14. "Kill the Colossal Dangerous Beasts"
  • 15. "Kill the Religious Organization"
  • 16. "Kill the Puppets"
  • 17. "Kill the Curse"
  • 18. "Kill the Demon"
  • 19. "Kill Destiny"
  • 20. "Kill the Slaughter"
  • 21. "Kill Despair"
  • 22. "Kill the Little Sister"
  • 23. "Kill the Emperor"  * Filler
  • 24. "Akame Ga Kill!"  *Filler

In what chapter of the manga continues Akame ga Kill !?

Anime episode
«The last anime episode of Akame ga Kill! which was issued is the 22 corresponding to chapter 66 of the manga with the same name. »
Chapter Manga
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